Doritos & Pirates Declare War on Ice Warriors

Sub Zero, Ice Warriors Capital ─ In a sudden twist of events, the DCP-Pirates war has come to a halt after both armies agreeing to face IW together in a joint war campaign.

Only a few days ago, Doritos of Club Penguin main leader Badboy published a war declaration on the Club Penguin Pirates Army (see HERE). The declaration stemmed off of general annoyance and bias coming from the CPPA.

However, within 4 days of the war, the DCP agreed to a ceasefire with the Pirates and both armies suddenly declared war on the Ice Warriors army. This comes after the recent IW leadership exodus crisis (click HERE). In DCP Commander Badboy’s post (which can be found HERE), he explains that the reasoning behind his war motive is:

I was trolling you, and you still got mad & made things personal over Club Penguin lol. Now lets see how mad you get with no servers left in a week. You should’ve kept your friends close, and I’d still be bashing CPPA but you done messed up. Good luck old man.

We decided to interview Badboy himself regarding DCP’s war declaration on IW.


CPAM Interview Section regarding the DCP/CPPA war on IW.

Why did DCP choose to declare war on the Ice Warriors all of a sudden?

Well for one, we both know I wanted to take out IW since I took SWAT from zuke. Everyone in this community knows who the real enemy is. Andrew24 and his candy bias ass will no longer hold any power in this community. We will raise the Ice Warriors to the ground. You thought I was being tough on you before? Wait on it. Before you got a troll, now its game time.

Will any mercy be given to IW if they choose to surrender the war?

No, We will force treaty them and leave them with nothing. If they want they can register again as a S/M army, get some real leaders & actually be respected again. But I’ll leave that one up to Icey, that’s more of a him problem.

What do you think will be the historic impacts coming out of this war?

I think for the first time you will all see Andrew, a CPA legend, for the fraud he really is. You will see that him and whats left of his washed up crew can’t lead without better people around them (11, Madhav, Regan) and IW will get crushed far worse than any CPO/CPATG army has in any war since armies reopened. Drew can talk the talk, but can he walk the walk? Probably not in that wheelchair he can’t, what a shame.

Do you expect IW’s brother ally, the Dark Warriors, to intervene in the war?

DW leaders have both told 11 & I that they will stay neutral and that they are focusing on themselves at the moment. But considering they are brother allies & that AK is no longer backing IW, it will be interesting to see how long they can watch their brother allies get whooped like that before stepping in. We have no treaties in place so we will see. For now, DW is neutralized.

Will the Pirates war resume after the temporary ceasefire and agreement?

No, as of now us & CPPA are allies. I’ve given up my petty beef over one server with Epic, given them Winter Land back and we have a treaty now in place that expires a month from now, so even if I wanted to, we can’t. I have no issues with CPPA or their leaders, I never really wanted them. IW & Drew are the enemy, and together as allies & a community we need to cut the head off the snake.

That’s about all I have to ask. Is there anything else you’d like to say?

Drew, get a life broski. Step out & breathe some fresh air, no reason to be on here when you can’t even hold a club penguin friendship. That’s all I have to say.


The first events will be hurled on Wednesday, May 27th, both at 4 PM EST. The Doritos and Pirates will be launching a double attack on the Ice Warriors empire.

What do YOU think about the WAR? Will this new bond last? Will the Ice Warriors make a come back? Do you think DW will intervene in the war? Please, comment below with your thoughts! We’d appreciate it!


CP Army Media Vice President

Dino, CP Army Media Vice President.

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  1. LOL if pirates will attack IW then my opinion is IW ftw

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