Ice Warriors Suffer Mass Departure of Leadership for Pirates

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media Headquarters – Internal conflict has struck the Ice Warriors higher command, and resulted in five departures, including leaders Agent 11 and Madhav.

The news of the leadership split broke in the last hours of May 24th, and was announced by leader Agent 11 on the Ice Warriors Discord. It details the reason for departure being due to “unfortunate circumstances with certain people in the leadership”. It would appear everyone involved is keeping very quiet about what exactly occurred.

At present, the departed individuals include leaders Agent 11 and Madhav, and members of the staff team: Fusion, Alex and Quinn.

Despite placing fourth on the most recent Top Ten listings, the Ice Warriors have experienced a rapid decline in sizes at their events. On May 24th they hit a maximum size of 25 at their practice battle against the Dark Warriors. Yet a week before they were obtaining peaks of 75 in a three-way battle with the RPF and Doritos. Could this drop in sizes be worsened by the recent departures? 

The now-former Ice Warriors have jumped ship and boarded the Pirates higher command. Their first battle in their new army took place yesterday, and was against the Doritos. While the Doritos maxed 56, the Pirates dominated a higher size of 69. This follows a poor week for the Pirates that saw them fall in size by nearly half – from 120 to 50 in the 7 days following CP Online’s closure.

To try and gain some more clarity on the situation, CP Army Media spoke with former Ice Warriors leader Agent 11. CP Army Media also contacted Ice Warriors leader Regan, but he refused to comment.

So what happened that caused yourself and other members of the IW HCOM to leave?

There are personal things that happened between drew and I that caused me to leave; however, I love IW still despite what happens.

Has the conflict been resolved or is it still ongoing?

The conflict is has honestly gotten worse. Aside from us leaving, there’s a lot more considering leaving, and Drew & I are nowhere near on speaking terms. There’s things happening soon that will make it worse to.

So how come you can’t reveal what happened? Does it concern people’s personal lives? Or is it army related?

Both. Only thing I’ll say is, IW troops should abandon ship.

There is no doubt the Ice Warriors have already been affected by the sudden and shock departure of five higher command members, including two leaders. The Ice Warriors loss also seems to be the Pirates gain, and only time will tell how this rapidly developing story will play out.

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