Saloon Shenanigans: Penguin Saloon Database Not Actually Leaked? [EXCLUSIVE]

This post is a developing story. We will keep you updated as more news comes in.

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media HQ – While recently CPAM broke the news of a Penguin Saloon database leak, it seems to have just been a troll by Dom, here-on referred to as ‘Asylum’. CP Army Media got the exclusive opportunity to interview Asylum about this major prank in an attempt to find out just why it had to happen.

**WARNING** This post contains language meant for mature audiences.

Update @ 2:07 PM IST — A user who goes by the name of “Cha” approached us, and sent us some screenshots. The pictures contain Cha’s conversation with “Asylum” which you can see below.

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These screenshots make us think if what Asylum has said is true. We, here at CP Army Media will keep you updated with the latest news on the situation!

Asylum approached CP Army Media’s Vice President Koloway with this message after publishing the post breaking the news of a Penguin Saloon database leak.

The database only included hashes accounts on it, I removed all user accounts. I took the post down on rf because I didnt want to get banned for scamming my account has a 60 dollar rank and its 3 years old. [Click HERE for proof on his account’s standings.] My plan was to keep the post up for a few minutes, I know how the rf community works so I knew no one would buy it. [Click HERE to see proof of the database only containing Hash’s info.] The database only had hashes accounts and included a message on the bottom. I did this because Hash called me a pedo, and I wanted the users to see that hash never encrypted the data. However I am not a evil person and would never leak innocent users info like that. I admit it was stupid, and I didn’t think about the mass panic it would cause, but I can assure everyone that no ones accounts were on there except hashes.

I noticed you called out Hash on the matter– can you speak on the wrongs he has done both in PS and the CPPS community?

When I originally created saloon with hash I told hash that we need to encrypt all data. Hash for some reason was against this and I am not sure why. I was also always against logging IP addresses and such, but hash wanted them logged once again not true why. Hash also publicly called me out to be a Pedo because he was upset I took over my old twitter account that I made for Penguin Saloon. Hash also harassed girls on penguin saloon, flirted with tons of girls on Penguin Saloon and apparently doxed people 2 months before I met him. Hash comes off as a nice innocent guy but in reality is a dick.

Any plans for your future in CPPS? What do you think the future holds for you?

At this time I have left the CPPS community pretty much. I only work on NewCP as its ran by very and I mean very trust worthy people. If NewCP shuts down then I will be fully gone from the CPPS community. Right now for my future I plan on continuing with my youtube channel “Joey Hues” and exposing more pedo’s and hopefully getting them arrested.

One last comment from Asylum:

I would like to publicly apologize to all users who I gave mass panic to. It was not right for me to scare innocent players I wasnt thinking about the repercussions on my actions. I can 100% confirm and tell you that NO ones info was on that database except hashes accounts. I have no reason to fuck over 3K innocent people, but I hope you guys realize that in the future if you play Hashes CPPS that there is a chance sensitive data such as your IPs and Emails will be stored in plain text.

With Asylum coming forward and exposing this as a troll attempt, we can only forgive him for his actions and move on. But is it the real truth, after what Cha presented? Only time will tell, and we with CP Army Media wish Asylum luck in both his Youtube and New CP endeavours.

What do YOU think about this situation? Is the database breach real? Is this just a prank?
Let us know what YOU think in the comments below!

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  2. […] Saloon Shenanigans: Penguin Saloon Database Not Actually Leaked? [EXCLUSIVE] […]

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