[EDITORIAL] The Unsustainable Nature of CP Online Armies

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media Headquarters, Max’s Office – The switch from CP Online to CP Armies: The Game has brought about many harsh truths for the CP Online army community, whether they like to admit it or not.

Please note: The following post is an editorial and contains the writer’s personal opinion. It does not represent the views of CPAM as a whole.

I write this post 10 days after the closure of CP Online, and a week since the majority of the CP Online armies switched over to use the CP Armies: The Game platform. And since then, a dramatic decrease can be witnessed in the sizes of these armies. But the question I pose here today is: is this dramatic decline due to the unsustainable way they have been operating on their original platform? 

The lack of sustainability I am referring to is their excessive use and dependancy on coin events. ‘Coin events’ is the name given to the army events that troops would receive CP Online coins in exchange for attendance. That’s right, controversially, the CP Online armies would PAY their members to attend.

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On May 17th, the Pirates placed first on the Top Ten listings, having performed exceptionally that week with top sizes of 120. Yet a week later, since the switch, they have dropped a place to second, with one training event witnessing a peak of 50. This is a reduction of more than half. Where the hell did these 60 people go? Could it be that they only attended the CP Online events to get coins, and with CP Online shut down they no longer had any reason nor desire to attend events?

A similar story exists in the Redemption Force, who on May 12th achieved sizes of 50, yet this week struggled to peak at 15. Similarly, the Special Weapons and Tactics peaked 100 penguins on April 12th, and at their closing event they mustered 25. In early May the Skaters reached 45, and have since fallen to 16. These dramatic reduction in size that only hammers home how much some armies in the CP Online community depended on the use of coin events.

But has this been the case for all CP Online armies? If we take a look at the Ice Warriors and Doritos past week, then it could be argued that they do have some sustainability. Both of these armies have been used to hitting sizes of 80-100 on CP Online, and have maintained this to some extent on their new platform. The Ice Warriors recently won a practice battle against the Rebel Penguin Federation, maxing 75, while the Doritos have been consistently hitting 60 in their war with the Pirates. This is definitely a drop, but a less significant one than others.

To try and gain a better understanding of how beneficial these coin events were, I spoke to some of the figures in the CP Online army community. Former Doritos and Mayhem leader Brad said the coins events were “extremely beneficial” and helped armies become TWICE as large. Doritos leader Meerrkat stated the following regarding coin events:

With coins events on CPO, they were used as a reward. If troops came to that event, they would earn a certain amount of coins. The amount of coins changed throughout the year. Sometimes the rule would be one coin event a week but then changed to three a week. How successful was it? Everyone loves coins. So advertising coin events helped catch players eyes and helped armies grow even faster.

Former CP Online Army League Chief-Executive-Officer, Kingfunks4, said the following on the CP Online armies size decline:

It is clear that CPO Armies were going to drop without the use of the CPO ping and the use of coins. Most of the CPO armies have dropped, and those that used pings the most (Pirates/DW/LT) dropped the most or died out completely. Some armies like DCP weren’t over reliant on this and had a good core so weren’t impacted as much. If the troops weren’t in it for the coins why would their sizes crash like they have? It really puts into question how legitimate the success of these armies can actually be regarded as having achieved.
There is no doubt that the coin events inflated sizes, encouraging people not necessarily interested in the army to attend events so that they could receive the payment. A frequent defence heard in the community is that the size drops have been “due to the switch of platforms”. While this must have some affect, would this really result in half, or more, of the army leaving? I find this very unlikely, because if the members were dedicated to the army they would continue to support it regardless of the platform it operated on.

For a long time there seemed to be an agenda from certain individuals in the CP Online community that “CPO armies are better and bigger”, but it is now clear this is not the case. With the death of CP Online and the switch of armies to CP Armies: The Game, there is no doubt the entire community is on a level playing field and the cracks for those that relied on coin events are now widening.

This does not, however, mean those suffering from loss of sizes cannot turn things around. With a more sustainable approach to running an army, there is no reason why the problems of the past cannot be exactly that… the past.

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CP Army Media Editor-in-Chief

13 Responses

  1. First off, this was an amazing article, Max !

    Second of all, as someone from a CPO Army that went up in flames after the loss of CPO, I can confirm that 𝗮 𝗹𝗼𝘁 of CPO Army members joined simply for the coins. Many people I viewed to be friends and proud troopers suddenly vanished the minute CPO was destroyed & coins stopped being a reward.

    It’s a serious flaw that none of us considered before, but I guess it was a blessing in disguise since now you can tell who was actually loyal to you for your army & community, and not for the amount of coins your army would give out.

  2. First off, good article, but flawed. We changed cpps is why we lost our members. People just thought we shutdown because cpo shutdown. And CPAL hosted a vote about what makes people join cpal armies and 80/500 said coins and the rest said other.

    • Thank you!

      I remember that vote, but the people voting were in the CPOAL discord, which is made up mostly from people that take armies seriously, not the ones only attending for coins. Maybe?

    • Holding a vote doesn’t really nullify the fact that 40% of troops in CPO armies were there for coins. If you remember correctly, a high amount of 50k coins were offered to each troop who attended Epic’s retirement event

  3. Our troops really consider ACP a family. Every troop we have that attends events attend because they want to and because they are passionate about the community we have built together. It’s sad to see sizes of other armies drop off so much. So many people were only in it for coins and not in it for the family and community.

  4. I was 100% in it for the coins. I joined because I was curious about the “penguin cults” as some random penguin called them. I stayed for the coins because it was so much easier than grinding some of the kinda boring games.
    Now that cpo is dead, I have participated in a few battles on cpatg. But I’m less inclined to stay up super late or wakeup super early to participate for no real reward 🤷‍♀️ Only reason I’ve still been participating in any events is because quarantine got me bored af.

  5. Great post Max. Atleast we didn’t have to bribe our members to attend events (wary)

  6. Well written Max.

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