Help Force First-in-Command, Moon, Retires

ZIPLINE, Help Force Capital – Help Force’s First-in-Command Silent Moon, commonly known as Moon, retires from her leadership position.

Moon, the 15th leader of the Help Force, has announced her retirement, thereby ending her 4 month leadership reign. Moon has led the army alongside Tistle since February of this year, and made the following statement in the early early hours of Tuesday, May 26th:

Hey Helpers. Unfortunately, this will be my last time saying that phrase. As you all know, I haven’t been on discord as much lately and I’ve normally been due to irl situations demanding my attention. I apologize if that has been hard for you. But I will only continue to get busier. Alongside this, my being involved in the decision making process has declined due to my inactivity. And as such, I don’t feel it necessary to continue to act as Commander. My 11 months here have been amazing, and I’m glad I had the chance to know and lead all of you. Make sure you behave for Barnito and Tistle, I don’t want to have to come back to yell at y’all. Perhaps one day I’ll come back to spend time in this server, but for now if anyone wants to contact me, my dms are always open. Goodbye Helpers. :EH~8:

Although not the most usual of starts, Moon became leader in February following a coup of the previous leadership. Since then, she has led the Help Force to great heights, including leading the army to a maximum size of 62 in their war with the Recon Federation.

CP Army Media managed to interview Moon about her departure from the Help Force, and her future in the CP army community.

Why did you decide to leave the Help Force?

I’ve been rather inactive lately and my presence was no longer needed in the community. Tistle had everything handled, and I felt like it was finally time to depart.

Do you feel that you have made an impact on the army?

I feel like I made a rather large indent in the current era of HF, beginning with the coup and making sure we put one hell of a fight in the previous CPAM tournament.

When did you join the Help Force staff? And why?

I join the staff team back in September, because I’d fallen in love with the army and wanted to make a name for myself in it.

Do you have a favourite memory from your time in Help Force?

My memory is too horrible to remember a specific memory, but my favorite is probably staying up all night in summer. And just messing around in chat until I fell asleep.

Do you have any future plans in the CP army community?

Not as of this moment. I wouldn’t be opposed to having future plans, but I don’t see anything currently no.

Any final words to the Help Force members and staff?

It’s been an amazing ride, and I hope the journey continues long past my departure
For now, it seems as though Moon won’t be making her mark in the army community elsewhere, but who knows what the future holds. CP Army Media wish both Moon and the Help Force the best.

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