Koloway Inaugurated as 7th Water Viking Leader

FROSTBITE, Water Vikings Capital – Former Army of CP leader and CP Army Legend, Koloway, has been inaugurated into the Water Vikings leadership.

The news of the Water Viking’s 7th leader broke in the late hours of Monday, May 25th. It was announced former Army of Club Penguin leader, CP Army Media Vice President and army legend Koloway, would be joining the helm.

Koloway has a wealth of experience and will therefore be a great addition to the Water Vikings leadership. He is known for being the only army leader of 2019 to break the Rebel Penguin Federation’s grip on the number one Top Ten position. His Army of CP leadership also saw victory in the Holiday Championship’s, where they snatched the victory from the Rebels with a peak size of 60.

Fan-art of Koloway in his ACP uniform.

At their opening event last week, the Water Vikings peaked at 41 penguins in a practice battle against the Army of CP. Despite losing the battle, the leaders seemed pleased and excited for their future. It was noted the Water Vikings lacked speed and experience of modern era tactics and formations, which Koloway plans to help them with. Since their opening battle, they have been consistently achieving an average of 30 vikings at their events.

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CP Army Media spoke to Kingfunks4, a current Water Viking leader, who said that Koloway is a person with incredible experience and revolutionised modern armies through his leadership of the ACP. He is one of the greatest leaders around and the prospect of leading with him was an exciting one.” We also contacted the man himself about his new position in the Water Vikings leadership, and discovered his future goals for the army.

How did this new position come about?

I was approached by Kingfunks4, and I loved what he had to say, and it ended up with me being offered a leadership position.

What are your plans for the Water Vikings?

I would like to bring Water Vikings into the Top 5 armies, as well as catapult them into the modern era. With the warfare of CPPS armies ever changing, I’d like to bring some new tricks to an old show.

Do you see any potential conflict occurring soon?

I don’t see any conflict arising at the moment.

What are your thoughts on people questioning the army’s stability due to there now being 7 leaders?

I get why people would question the stability with 7 leaders. The 7 leaders all know each other and have worked with each other in some form in the past, so it’s a pretty close group that I was fortunate enough to be accepted into. The WV leaders are all on the same page and ready to make this thing the best it can be.

There is no doubt the Water Vikings will benefit from this addition, and we eagerly wait to watch their progress in the coming weeks. However, many are questioning the army’s stability, as they now have a total of 7 leaders and 10 higher command. Could having so many leaders cause conflict over decision making? Or will they overcome this challenge and put the development of the army before themselves?

What do YOU think? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


CP Army Media Editor-in-Chief

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  1. Good post! It’s a pleasure to work with Koloway.

  2. Koloway saving the day…again?

  3. Good luck and have fun there, Koloway. As in ACP :> .

  4. fear the wave

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