Back in Black: Creator Ganger90 Revives Special Weapons and Tactics

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media Headquarters – The Special Weapons and Tactics have been revived by their founder, Ganger90, under the leadership of Sophy Bee and xFastx.

It was only a week ago that the Special Weapons and Tactics, commonly referred to as ‘SWAT’, announced a shutdown following CP Online’s closure. Their final event took place on May 18th, and saw an average of 20 troops attend. This was a significant drop from previous events on CP Online, in which the army were able to achieve maximum sizes of 50. Upon their closure, a “merge” into the Doritos was announced, and leader Badboy was given the role of Doritos Commander.

SWAT at their height.

However, it would appear that creator Ganger90 was not made aware of the merge and on May 27th, detailed his thoughts in a website post:

It’s been a long time since I’ve wrote a post on here, but I feel that I needed to today in order to give everybody a heads up on everything that’s going on right now. As you can see above, SWAT is not closing and I look forward for SWAT’s new generation to continue with the progress they’ve already had and due to many changes in our higher ranks, we will need new people to really step up and make a difference. I will be around as much as I can be considering the responsibilities I have right now, advising and helping to find the best fit group of people to lead the army we all love. My intentions for SWAT were for it to continue as long as it can even if I’m not the one leading it, I want to see the new generation be successful and carry the name in SWAT’s honor.

SWAT veteran Sweater also made a website post, announcing the two new leaders that will be taking the helm of this generation:

What’s unique about the new era is that there is absolutely no veterans leading. I will oversee everything, but xFastx and Sophy Bee (two Leader in Trainings) will take up the helm of SWAT Supreme Commander. If there was anybody who I believed could take SWAT, it is them two.

May 18th: SWAT close their doors.

But could there be tensions with the Doritos already? It would appear the Doritos sent out a bot message stating the SWAT had merged into the Doritos, despite Ganger’s intentions to reopen the army. Could this just be poor timing, or was it an attempt to gain several more troops from the SWAT Discord server? We contacted Badboy for his thoughts on the new generation:

Fast/Essie were very good owners, they know what to do so even though I’m opposed to it being reopened they have my support still and are free to try it out. I wish them the best, but Sweater it seems is with DW now and I’m staying with DCP.

CP Army Media spoke exclusively to SWAT’s newest leader, Sophy Bee, to find out more.

How did SWAT’s revival come about?

A lot of people were really disappointed by the merging of SWAT with DCP. There were a lot of discussions between the old SWAT HCom that didn’t go well because there either wasn’t the drive or the support available. Then Ganger decided he wanted to see SWAT return, and everything just kind of set in motion.

What are your goals for this new SWAT generation?

Probably to grow as a community and be more friendly with other armies. The loss of CPO means recruiting is more difficult, and we’ve lost a lot of our active members to other armies over the last month, so jumping in to another war would be disastrous. Keeping good relations with other armies has always been the idea from day one of discussions about reopening, and I know thats what I personally would love to see.

What are your thoughts on the bot message that claimed SWAT had merged into the Doritos?

I think at the time, at least from what I knew, the SWAT/Doritos merge was still valid. It took me aback a little when 32op and Maroon entered SWAT immediately followed by the bot, but as I said, recruiting is hard at the moment and I don’t blame them for trying to get the most out of the merge while they still could (although I’m 90% sure everyone who would have joined from that message already joined after the initial 3 million merge messages when it was announced lol)

With the Special Weapons and Tactics set to make their comeback event soon, how will this generation fair? And what will come of the tensions with the Doritos?

What do YOU think? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


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