[PB in Review] Help Force vs. Water Vikings

FROSTBITE, Club Penguin Armies: The Game — On the 26th of May, 2020 at approximately 3:00pm EDT, the Help Force and Water Vikings logged onto CPATG’s Frostbite to brawl it out in a friendly Practice Battle. The rooms where the two armies battled consisted of the Iceberg, Stadium, and Snow Forts. Both armies displayed great skill in word and emote tactics, but who won the battle? Let’s take a peek into today’s thrilling PB.


In our first room, the Berg, both armies busted in with bombs. The Water Vikings tactfully EQ bombed, while the Help Force displayed a scary E9 running every which way like mad penguins. After the two armies finished tearing up the Berg, Help Force formed a plus sign and the Water Vikings circled around their challengers. They both performed some emotes and word tactics and remained in the same formation for about 3 minutes into the first room. Eventually, when HF executed a magnificent EH tornado, the WV responded quickly by forging what was their final formation of room 1; an X. Ultimately, with bigger bubble tactics, the Help Force took the Iceberg, leaving the Water Vikings hardly seen.


With maps opened and ready to go, both armies bolted from the Iceberg and into the Stadium after Judge Regan’s announcement in the #battle-updates channel of CPAM’s official discord server. Instead of HF creating the plus sign of penguins again, the Water Vikings did after their entry “Hello” bomb. Counteracting the WV’s plus sign, HF formed a V. Unfortunately for HF, the Water Vikings overpowered their V formation with bigger word bubbles. Once the helpers realized this, they shocked everyone with a stunning bomb. They marched to the top right of the map holding up the popcorn emote (EO), and then proceeded to dash back down to the bottom left of the map displaying the igloo emote (EI) this time around. Due to both of the armies’ impeccable performance in the stadium, Regan ruled the second room as a tie.

[Snow Forts]

The Snow Forts were announced as the final room around 3:20 pm EDT. Upon that announcement, the two forces fled the now seemingly stale stadium and raced for the fresh forts. Once there, the Water Vikings formed an X while the Help Force circled the Forts and the WV’s first formation of the room. Both armies traded emote and word tactics like the other two rooms. Eventually, after a few bombs, both armies would shuffle through formations and continue to trade similar tactics. Since HF had a size advantage and slightly faster tactics, they achieved the win in the Snow Forts.

CPAM Judge Chaos’s battle verdict:

The Help Force won the first and last room, tying the second with the Water Vikings. The leaders led, fought, and executed tactics well. Without a doubt, both armies fought with valor and did their company proudly!

What do YOU think about this Practice Battle that took place between HF and WV? Let us know in the comments!


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