Sun Troops and Penguin Defence Force Discord and Website Defaced; Merge Into Ice Warriors

ICICLE, Sun Troops Capital – A bizarre series of events has led to the defacement of the Sun Troops and Penguin Defence Force Discord servers and websites.

The drama began earlier today, when Sun Troops leaders Holy Banana and Summit demanded main leader Midnight remove another leader named Da Best. After he refused, tensions grew significantly and led to them defacing the Discord: removing every channel and mass banning members.

In response, Midnight created a new Sun Troops Discord server to try and save his army, and invited the staff to join. At this point, leader Summit attempted to merge the army into the Penguin Defence Force, posting their Discord link on the website that he owns. A furious Midnight then responded (wait for it…) by defacing the Penguin Defence Force website and Discord. Midnight spoke to CP Army Media and stated he did this because he was upset with Summit calling him names in a secret group chat.

The defacement of the Sun Troops Discord.

The current state of the Sun Troops website.

With both the Sun Troops and Penguin Defence Force discord and websites defaced, Ice Warriors Main Leader Iceyfeet1234 approached Midnight for a merge. Iceyfeet told CP Army Media “IW took a hit with our internal drama over the past few days, so Zuke did the negotiations and we need all the help we can get.”

CP Army Media also got the chance to speak to the man himself, Summit, and asked for a statement regarding the defacement:

Midnight got himself into a war with three armies using the army I created, Sun Troops, so I tried to help him and he wouldn’t listen to me, so I shut the army down. I didn’t deface it. I just shut it down. Midnight was actually the one that got angry and deleted everything. I drafted the website pages and posts because I was going to give the army back to Midnight as soon as he listened to me.

The defacement of the Sun Troops and Penguin Defence Force’s Discord and website has erased their history, and caused the armies to completely shut down. But with their staff now joining the Ice Warriors, will they bring drama to their new positions or will this bizarre series of events be forgotten?

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