Army of the Week: Pizza Federation

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media Headquarters – This week we were all shocked when an army climbed the Top Ten from the shadows. For our second Army Of The Week, we’d love to commemorate Pizza Federation for their ability to rank so high after having previously not ranked at all. 

Pizza Federation was created in 2018 by Penguindae under the name “Pizza Bois”. The Pizza Bois were popular among rogues and regular players in the CPR community. Their popularity grew to the point that a vast majority of the population at their events was rogues. However, at this time the closure of Club Penguin Rewritten was drawing near and Penguindae was growing nervous. He claimed Pizza Bois would continue after the closure, only to grow inactive and disappear from the community after CPR closed its doors.

Unable to operate without a leader, 2 members of the Pizza Bros took it upon themselves to continue the legacy. Chelpopkick and Waffle101 would create the Pizza Bros Rebellion (PBR) on April 30th of that year.

April 30th 2018: an early image of the Pizza Bros Rebellion under Chelpopkick’s leadership.

Unfortunately this new beginning took a turn for the worse when another Pizza themed army that had formed at a similar time in early 2018 threatened PBR. The Pizza Bros had claimed PBR were copycats and continuously raided their events. This led the Bois to declare a war against the Bros. The Great Pizza War waged for several weeks. The Bois would leave it victorious, with Bros shambled to the point of closure. The Bros were defaced and couldn’t recover. The Pizza Bois would not leave the war unscathed either. They too were defaced, however they managed to recoup and recover from the attack.

The Pizza Bros publicly ridiculing the Pizza Bois.

The army was outdated and needed help, this help came in the form of the Army Veteran Cobra. Cobra helped the army modernize and set itself apart from its past stigma of being nothing more than a couple of rogues. Under Cobra and Chelpopkick, the rag tag bunch became more than people wearing a pizza apron and chef’s hat; they became an army. The tranquility wasn’t meant to last however, as they soon went back to war over on another CPPS; CPO. This time, their opponents were RPF. They had joined to Red Dawn Alliance to counter RPF. And claimed themselves triumphant.

It was then that The Pizza Bois shed their name and became The Pizza Federation

Pizza Federation under the Red Dawn Alliance.

That summer passed quickly, with Chelpopkick retiring and the army closing, only to be brought back in September by Neptune. With Neptune at the helm, the army barely managed to cruise through for another few months. Finally in November 2018 R3TRO took over the army. 

R3TRO has continued to lead on from then. The army has flourished under his lead. Several major events have happened under his lead, including engaging in a war against The Templars, surviving a world war, competing in plenty of tournaments, and the inauguration of his co-leader Hidcre. Most recently however, not only has Pizza Federation won the Challengers Cup, but they also managed to earn 10th on the Universal Top 20. This is quite the improvement considering that last week, the army hadn’t even managed to earn a spot in the Top 20. Their position as this week’s Army Of The Week is much deserved.What exactly do you think happened for them to achieve such heights this week? Let’s check in with R3TRO to find out!

Congrats on getting 10th in the Universal Top Ten and winning the Challengers Cup! Did you expect to win the Cup going into the tournament? 

I thought PZF would do well, getting 3rd or 2nd, but I didn’t expect us to win. Especially with having to go against CC, LGA and PIC 

What do you think happened to help PZF achieve it’s victory? 

I think what helped was a lot of recruiting and me and Hidcre dual leading so we could be faster during the finals 

That certainly helps things! What are your plans moving onto the Legends Cup?

Our plan is to try our best, I don’t expect us winning the tournament but it’s really good practice and it will be a lot of fun

Fun really is the point of armies isn’t it! How do you think all this CPPS drama is going to affect Pizza Federation?

I think no matter what happens, PZF will stay in the CPPS community until every CPPS shuts down

It’s reassuring to know there’s armies like that who will fight till they can’t anymore! Is there anything else you’d like to share with the community?

Not really

And there you have it! The Pizza Federation will last far into the future, kept upright by their recruiting and sheer determination to survive. Their history is rich and full of unexpected twists and turns, and we wouldn’t expect anything less from our favorite pizza loving army. Their newfound success in the community wasn’t predicted. But the question is, will PZF be able to maintain this momentum? 

Is the Pizza Federations cycle of triumph going to continue? Or will they break their winning streak? Let us know what YOU think in the comments below!


CP Army Media Associate Producer

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  1. Snork has also been declared leader… harumph

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