Battle for Thermal: Army of CP vs. Templars

THERMAL, Army of CP Nation – Yesterday, the Army of Club Penguin and Templars logged onto the server Thermal for a big battle. But which army dominated and took home the victory?

Throughout the invasion, the Army of CP’s average 38 compared to the Templars 23. Unlike a normal invasion where the two opposing armies decide on the rooms beforehand, both armies opted for three of CPAM’s judges to decide the rooms and announce them in a battle format.  Honestly, the formations in this battle were less than ideal, but that may have been a result of the Judges’ room choices which were the Ski Hill, Iceberg, and Beach. Let’s overview how the three rooms played out.

[Ski Hill]

After ACP “DOOM” bombed and TCP E9 bombed the Ski Hill, they both settled into their first formation. TCP attempted to form a horizontal line, but due to the size of the room and the number of their troops, the line looked bunched and crooked. On the other hand, ACP circled the Ski Hill allowing maximum room for their 45 soldiers at the time. Instinctively, the army leaders ordered their soldiers to execute a combination of creative emote and word tactics. All three judges voted that ACP won at the Ski Hill.


Contrasting the Ski Hill slightly in size, the Iceberg provided both armies some more wiggle room to battle it out. ACP entered the Berg with a big bubble tactic while the Templars E8 bombed. Later on, ACP circled the Iceberg as the Templars formed a crooked V formation. Keeping consistent with their barrage of bombs thus far, TCP would “bomb” their second formation, a plus sign, with several penguins standing around looking quite helpless and confused. In response, ACP formed an X over TCP’s sad plus sign and drowned them out with word tactics. Due to the Templars’ sheer incompetence to perform, the judges called the Iceberg as ACP’s win.


In the final room, ACP dashed onto the beach with a “Renegade” bomb, while the Templars ET bombed. For the first five minutes, the Templars put up an amazing fight against the Army of Club Penguin by performing beautiful bombs and other movements combined with emotes and word tactics that allowed them to visually dominate in comparison to their competition; even with their smaller numbers. Although, ACP altered their plan of attack in the second half by executing a brilliant clover (EL) tornado. Dominating the room overall with faster tactics and formations, the Army of Club Penguin snatched the win out of the Templars’ yellow flippers in the second half of the Beach.

CPAM Judge TheAlmightyA’s final decision:

Thanks to their size and the Templar’s B team, the Army of Club Penguin successfully defended Thermal of CPATG against TCP’s sloppy invasion and won 3-0.

What do YOU think about the Invasion of Thermal that took place yesterday? Let us know in the comment section below!


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