Koloway, Tymatt and Adden Depart From Water Vikings Leadership

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media Headquarters – Having just recently contributed to the Water Vikings’ return to the community, Tymatt has decided to depart from his leadership position, deflecting to the Army of CP. Koloway and Adden433 also followed in this mass leadership departure.

Just recently the legendary Water Vikings have returned to the community under a stacked leadership filled with many CP army veterans. Tymatt contributed heavily to the return and was part of the growing leadership that CPA legend, Koloway, was the most recent addition to. However, not long after Koloway joined he has officially quit and is now a free agent once again. The same case applies to Adden433 who was one of the Golden Guardians creators. This was a surprise as the army has been at a constant rise, achieving the 8th position on the CP Army Media Top Twenty and battling many armies in practice battles ahead of the Legends Cup. Tymatt and Adden are not new faces in the community, as they have been around for a while and have played a major role in many armies. They are both present in the Water Vikings’ greatest leaders page for leading the army to the top spot back in 2015.

WV's most recent practice battle

The Army of Club Penguin haven’t performed poorly themselves and have also been engaging in many practice battles. They placed higher than the Water Vikings in this week’s Top Twenty, coming in at 5th. Tymatt’s move to the Army of CP and his presence as a staff member will benefit them greatly as many armies are scrambling to hire and boost their staff ahead of the Legends Cup.

These three mass departures caused much confusion in their Discord server, and so an announcement made by leader Buddy made clear who remains in the army.

To avoid any further confusion, here are the current HCOM ranks. We have gone through a period of change today, however we will prevail! Fear The Wave!!!

Current WV HCOM

This means the current leadership consists of Pjayo, Buddy, Thomas83514 and Kingfunks4. Buddy seems to be confident that the Water Vikings will continue to prosper despite their departures. We approached Tymatt in an attempt to further understand why he retired and what he hopes to achieve in the Army of CP.

Do you think the Water Vikings will be able to do as well without you?

I think those guys have been around a long time in that leadership and if they put the work in there’s no reason why they can’t do as well without me.

What are the reasons that forced you to step down?

I stepped down mainly due to stress honestly. I wasn’t having fun and I need to focus on myself and what’s best for me right now.

Why did you choose the Army of CP?

Army of Club Penguin has a rich history and its a fun and productive army with a stable setup. I was very impressed with the changes they’ve implemented and I felt it was something I’d like to be apart of. I have a lot of friends in ACP and I just thought it was the right time to return.

What do you hope to achieve at the Army of CP?

I just hope to make lasting friendships, pass down the wisdom of what I’ve learned in armies and help mentor some of the newer troops. Most importantly I’d like to have fun because thats what this is all about.

Any last comments or statements?

If mental health is ever bothering any of you related to CPA, I suggest you talk about it with your friends, be open don’t be afraid to speak up, I am sometimes afraid to do that but I’m glad I’ve put that trust into my friends to be able to express when I’m having these problems. All I’m saying is trust yourself but also trust others to help don’t be afraid.

The coming days will prove if Koloway, Tymatt and Adden’s departures will result in any negative impact on the Water Vikings. But with four capable leaders still present, only time will tell whether or not their ship is sinking into deep waters.

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