Templars Declare War on Os Mascarados Army

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media Headquarters – Having just concluded a short war with the Crimson Guardians, the Templars have now set their sights on the Os Mascarados Army, with invasions of their servers set for the next week.

Just hours after the Army of CP, Crimson Guardian and Templars conflict concluded with a peace treaty, the Templars announced a new declaration of war on the Os Mascarados Army.

These words said by former leader and legend Elmikey still do resonate throughout today’s community. Our first war with the EGCP changed the demographics of armies for ages to come. In the end, our ultimate goal was to retake the holy lands of Oasis. It was successful. Nevertheless, we have come to finish our job from 2 years past. So, brethren of the Order, will you follow me and expand the light of GOD. Prepare for the Errantry War, brethren.

May 27th: The Templars battle the ACP.

The war terms set by the Templars included “no multilogging” and “no allies”, the second of these being a controversial point following their last conflict. When the Crimson Guardians transferred their servers to allies Army of CP, the Templars announced the “no allies” term had broken. Could a similar story occur in this war? Or are the Os Mascarados going to face the Templars head on?

Two invasions have been set at present time, for the servers Summit and Fiesta. The Os Mascarados only own a total of three servers, the two they are defending next week, alongside their capital server Breeze on CP Armies: The Game.

We caught up with Os Mascarados leader Fire, who stated he was excited for the war and was planning to show up at the battles next week. Templar creator and leader, Xing, told CP Army Media the following:

We were looking for a war for fun. The war came about because we have a history with EGCP and OM is the closest thing to it. The two invasions we have scheduled are the only ones, they have the right to exist so we left them with their capital.

As one war comes to a close, another begins. The Templars, ever bloodthirsty, have set their sights on a new target in the form of the Os Mascarados. How will the conflict unfold? CP Army Media will be reporting on the events of this war, bringing you the very latest.

What do YOU think? Let us know about YOUR predictions in the comment section below!


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