[BREAKING] Templars Caught Multilogging… Again?

DEEP FREEZE, Templars Empire — Following CP Army Media’s special report about the scandalous botting which took place in the Templars earlier this week, it would appear they are up to their same tricks.

After the Templars invasion of Thermal on May 27th, evidence regarding multi-logging surfaced throughout the community. Clearly not one to learn from their mistakes, the invasion in question took place shortly after a special report covering their botting exploits was released (click here to read).

The battle for Thermal consisted of the Templars invading the Army of Club Penguin, following a server transfer in their war with the Crimson Guardians. Throughout the invasion, it appeared a large chunk of the army was not performing tactics or falling into formations. Ultimately, due to these factors, the Army of CP successfully defended the attack with a score of 3-0.

5 of 19 TCP soldiers performing emote tactic

5 of 19 TCP soldiers performing the emote tactic

CP Army Media approached game creator Superhero123 after suspicions from the judges were raised. He investigated four suspicious penguins – P10014, P10016, P10017, and P10022, after viewing the following photographs:

After a short vetting of the yellow soldiers in question, Superhero stated that the user “P10014” and “Xingenstein” shared the same IP address. This heavily suggests they multi-logged during the battle.

Considering the situation and evidence mounted, we approached the Templars creator and leader Xing. Once the evidence and statement from Superhero were disclosed, Xing responded with the following:

No we didn’t multilog. If I “multilogged”, people would’ve noticed the suspicious movement of me and the alt. I have other people in the house who play CPATG. There’s legit no other way by same IP, no movement proof, nothing else really. I had my brother log on for the event.

In his statement, Xing is somewhat correct. If someone else in his household, be that his parents, grandparents, or a pet dog, log on the game alongside him, they would obtain the same IP address. However, is this really the truth? Or is Xing too smart for his own good? With the facts presented and Xing’s statement arguably contradicting each other, only time will tell what really happened and whether the Templars will do so again.

What do YOU think about this situation? Is Xing innocent or guilty? Let us know in the comments!


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  1. Nice evidence of Superhero saying that. I like how direct it is.

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