Greeny & Fresh Rejoin Lime Green Army Leadership

GREAT WHITE, Lime Green Army Empire — Following Dino’s retirement from the army, Greeny and Hippiefresh have rejoined the LGA.

The news came out about the Lime Green Army legends rejoining the leadership in a post they released on 27th May 2020. Not long ago, the army witnessed their former leader retiring (covered HERE). In this post, the veterans made remarks about their achievements with the army and promised to push it into a golden age. Here is an extract from Greeny’s return post.

Today marks a huge day in regards to this generation. Two former leaders and legends, Fresh and I, are making our return to the LGA leadership. Fresh was the leader of the last generation, and I personally haven’t officially lead LGA since 2016. We both know that LGA still has a ton of potential, and together with the help of Karma and Snapple we’re all going to lead LGA into a new golden age.

The post included statements from both the veterans. Whilst Greeny is officially returning as a leader since, after 2016, Fresh served as a leader in the last generation.

LGA’s Invasion of White House – vs. Shock Troops – November 2019

We approached Fresh and asked him some questions regarding his return.

Q: What was the main reason behind your return to the Lime Green Army?

Well I saw that LGA is struggling in size. I saw that it was a calling for me to come back to the leadership and help LGA since Dino recently stepped down from leader. Also because Summer is starting and I’ll have more time for LGA and summer is great for armies to grow.

Q: With the Legends Cup approaching near, what do you aim for the army?

I just want us to not get knockout right away in the Legends Cup even if we get knocked out we’ll still be focusing on getting our size back up.

Q: If you had the choice to eliminate one army from the community, who would it be?

We got other priorities right now than worrying about other armies. We got the Legends Cup coming and LGA is not war ready right now. When we start maxing high numbers we’ll try to gain some servers and make our spot on the server map.

Q: Anything you’d like to add?

I see Greeny’s and I return as a new start for LGA. We will rise in numbers we are tired of people underestimating LGA. Green Will Prevail

The return of Greeny and Hippiefresh would surely prove to be of use for the Lime Green Army. With their first battle being against the Templars on June 3rd, it will be interesting to see what the outcome of the battle is.


What do YOU think of the return of Greeny & Fresh?
Will the Limes rise to power again?

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