[PB in Review] Army of Club Penguin vs. Elites

MAMMOTH, Battle Ground — On the 29th of May, the Army of Club Penguin and Elites faced off in a practice battle held during the AUSIA times. Who won this encounter?

The practice battle commenced at 9 AM EST, as we saw the Army of Club Penguin, and the Elites enter the Snow Forts. The rooms where the two armies battled consisted of the Forts, Docks, and Stadium. With both the armies maxing high and displaying great skills throughout, let’s see what the result was.

[Snow Forts]

The Army of CP and Elites entered the room with both the teams starting off with tactic bombs. ACP pulled an overwhelming tactic bomb and arranged themselves into a clean X formation, whilst the Elites defended it with a reverse T in the center. For the first few minutes of the battle, Elites were slow in comparison, but it equalized as the battle proceeded. Elites managed to form an L formation and were quick, whilst the ACP countered it by surrounding them. The sizes of both the armies were almost equal throughout the room. Due to both of the armies’ exquisite performance in the forts, the judges ruled the first room as a tie.


ACP entered the room and quickly surrounded the docks, whilst the Elites made a Plus formation. With ACP bordering the docks and Elites in the middle, the formations began to look similar to the previous room. In this room, the Elites showed a great performance with their tactics, whilst the ACP held their consistency. With the size being fairly equal, ACPs formations and tactics gave them an upper hand in this room.


Upon entering the room, the Elites formed two vertical lines in the center, whilst the ACP arranged themselves into a Plus. The formations and tactics from both sides countered each other, but Elites had an upper hand in this room. The Army of CP progressed to form two horizontal lines in the middle, whilst the Elites surrounded the room. Proceeding with several bombs, the ACP surrounded the room along with the Elites, whilst the latter held their part. With the size being almost equal in this room, the Elites pulled this off due to their consistent tactics and formations.

After an interesting battle, both the armies anxiously waited for the results. Here’s what CPAM’s Judge – Overload announced:

The Army of Club Penguin and the Elites tied this practice battle with a score of 1-1-1. The armies executed their skills bravely and had attractive sizes for it being an AUSIA event. With the Legends Cup approaching near, it will be interesting to see if these armies face off one more time.


What do YOU think about this Practice Battle that took place between ACP & Elites? Let us know in the comments section!


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