Pirates End War With Ice Warriors; Alliance Formed

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media Headquarters – The Pirates recently declared war on the Ice Warriors alongside the Doritos, but have now switched sides and formed an alliance.

For the past week, the Pirates and Doritos have been waging war against the Ice Warriors, due to their dislike of leader Andrew24. However, a mass departure of the Ice Warriors leadership and higher command led to Andrew’s removal from the army. Having orgiginally moved to the Pirates, Agent 11, Madhav and Regan returned to the Ice Warriors just days later and resumed their leadership roles.

News broke earlier today that the Pirates are withdrawing themselves from the war and instead forming an alliance. The following is an excerpt from the Pirates website, and details leader Epic101’s address to the army. He states the war never had his approval and that the Doritos alliance is over:

This post is to announce the end of our war with the Ice Warriors. The War was started by 11 & Badboy (I did not agree to starting the War) – Overall, we invaded two servers and have decided to end it as 11 and his crew have returned to the Ice Warriors. We are no longer Allies with the Doritos (We never were allies in the first place) and we are once again allies with the Ice Warriors. We have a huge Tournament coming up over the next few weeks, let’s continue our domination and win the tournament and finish things off with a bang.

CP Army Media spoke exclusively to Pirate Captain Romeo about the end of war and newly formed alliance:

Why did you decide to end the war with the Ice Warriors?

We decided to end the war as the IW leaders, who left their army to join Pirates due to a conflict, went back to their home army as the problem has been resolve. The Pirates decided that, with the fact as the conflict is now fixed, it wasn’t necessary to keep the war against IW anymore. It was a hard time as we love them!

How would you rate your performance in the war?

Romeo: Well, we did max over 70. It’s really good! Also, as the war was only on for a short moment and that we only had one battle during the war, I can just say that Pirates were really hyped to win which that’s why we maxed this much!

What are your current plans for the Pirates?

For the moment, Pirates will be focusing on the Legend Cup tournament until the end of it. We’ll be ready to face every armies in our path!

This sudden end of war came as a surprise to many, but where does it leave the Doritos, who are continuing their offensive? Could we see the Pirates switching sides and entering conflict with former allies the Doritos? CP Army Media will continue to monitor the situation closely and provide you with the latest.

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