Peoples Imperial Confederation Leadership Announces Shocking Hiatus

Toboggan, Peoples Imperial Confederation Capital – Coming off of a record low max for PIC, leaders Emma and Jemma have announced that they will be taking a break from the army.

On May 29th, 2020, Peoples Imperial Confederation hit a shockingly low max of 1. This led to a message being sent in their server to all members by Kommissar Lizzie, stating that the unprecedented max of 1 was not to be accepted.
With the recent controversies surrounding PIC as an army, it is not unheard of for their sizes to plummet after their alleged involvement in multi-logging scandals. Surprising, however, is the news that came just hours later. PIC Commander-in-Chief Emma made the announcement that due to IRL stress, coupled with the stress of leading an army, that she would be taking a break alongside Jemma, formerly known as Sidie9.

CP Army Media got the chance to conduct an exclusive interview with Chairwoman of PIC Jemma to ask about the true reasoning behind this break and how she perceives the future of PIC will play out.

Why have you decided to take a break?

Emma and I had discussed for a while that we felt extreme stress being in PIC recently, caused by drama caused by the Challengers Cup and other significant events, and also that everything started to feel like a burden and chore rather than fun. PIC came back as just a group of friends playing Club Penguin and doing what we did for fun, rather than because we felt that we had to. We need this break to get away from stress and get ourselves back on our feet, so that when we come back we can return with the feelings and attitude we had when we first joined PIC.

When do you see yourself returning to PIC?

There’s no set date for a return from leave yet, but Emma and I plan to return within the next week or two. Our High Command and our amazing and strong Commander Phoebe have been very supportive and understand why we are taking leave, which is why they aren’t hounding us to return and letting us go at our own pace, which has been really great.

Do you believe Phoebe will be able to handle the stress of leading the army on her own?

I believe she is more than capable, and she has a fantastic High Command team backing her. She also knows that if things get too stressful, Emma and I will do our best to come back and help. I think she is doing very well, and recently has been giving everyone a wake-up-slap to get back up and moving after the Challengers Cup finals.

Anything else you’d like to add?

PIC is in a recovery phase following the Challengers Cup and I believe Phoebe will do an amazing job leading the Confederation during the temporary absence of Emma and I. Also 1v1 me snowballs only Kolo.

It is apparent that the entirety of the PIC command look to rebuild the army from the ground up, and it is great to see the redemption of an army recently surrounded by controversy. CP Army Media wishes the best of luck to Phoebe leading the PIC alone, and the community looks forward to the return of Emma and Jemma.

What are your thoughts on the PIC Leaders taking leave?
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