Joee Retires From CPR Staff

BLIZZARD, Club Penguin Rewritten Hub – After Hagrid’s unpredicted resignation yesterday, Club Penguin Rewritten loses yet another admin, this time being Joee.

After yesterday’s shocking announcement, CPR has lost yet another admin and their staff team just keeps getting smaller and smaller. The fears of CPR shutting down have been magnified and the game seems to be at more risk than ever. CPR Administrator Thorn, has even said that if Stu, the other remaining CPR admin, were to quit then the game would shut down.

Joee joined CPR staff as the first moderator in February 2017 and was promoted months later to Administrator in October. He has resigned once before between February and June of 2018 but later returned to keep his old rank. However, in his resignation announcement he said he will not be returning again and that this exit will be his final flight from all CPPS related activities. Joee kept his announcement simple and didn’t state a reason for his exit. He went on to thank everyone that he worked with and the CPR community and bid farewell.

This leaves the CPR staff team at only 5 members, 2 administrators and 3 moderators. It has been a hard time for them but they’ve been dealing with it in a professional manner and it seems to be under control but could also collapse in any minute. The DMCA has also not affected them as bad as it has affected other CPPSes and it is apparent that they’re trying their hardest to push through this storm. We with Club Penguin Army Media approached two members of the CPR staff team to try to grab an interview, however both said that they are unwilling to consent to interviews and therefore we were not able to get their opinions on this topic.

As these events unfold, the future of CPR is still unknown. It is hard to tell if CPR is going to pull through this or not as of now.  Do you think that the CPR staff has this under control, or do you think that the game will crumble soon?


What do YOU think? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


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  1. This couldn’t be a worse timing for CPR staff to retire, only makes the situation give even more “Cold war vibes”

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