Universal S/M Top Ten Armies [24/05 – 30/05]

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media HQ — As the competition for armies gets tougher, a new contender takes the top spot.

1. Silver Empire [30.0]

2. Vikings [28.0]

3. Sun Troops [27.0]

4. Mango Corps [25.9]

 5. Dark Bandits [24.0]

 6. Water Troops [23.5]

7. Lime Green Army [22.0]

8. Peoples Imperial Confederation [21.1]

9. Los Facheros [20.5]

 10. The Galactic Empire [19.5]

Close to the Top Ten

11. Coup Crusaders [14.3]

12. Sky Troops [11.0]

13. Guitar Gang [8.0]

Click here for the S/M top ten calculations.


1. Silver Empire: The Silver Empire had a battle against the Crimson Guardians this Saturday, maxing 14 troops

2. Vikings: The Vikings had quite an interactive week. They started off with battle training maxing an incredible number of 11 troops. They then held a trivia night maxing 9. The army then ended the week with a Card-Jitsu tournament peaking at 7.

3. Sun Troops: The Sun Troops had one event this week, in which they logged on for a Sled Racing tournament maxing 15.

4. Mango Corps: Considering the army just opened, the Mango Corps just held two events this week. They started off with a training event peaking at 15 troops. They then ended off the week with an unscheduled AUSIA event maxing 6.

5. Dark Bandits: The Dark Bandits held one event this week, a Tuesday EU uniform event on CPR where they maxed 11 bandits!

6. Water Troops: The Water Troops reopened this week with two events. On Wednesday, they had their US Reopening Event with a max of 7 troops. Lastly, on Saturday, they maxed 7 at a Training Event.

7. Lime Green Army: The Lime Green Army had 2 events this week! The first event being early on in the week which was their Defense Of Slushy that managed to max 5 penguins. Their second and final event this week was their Practice Battle against ACPTR in which 9 penguins attended.


8. Peoples Imperial Confederation: The People’s Imperial Confederation had 3 events throughout the week. On Tuesday, they had an EU Band Event, maxing 6, and then on Thursday, they had an EU Training Event, maxing 6 as well. Lastly, they maxed 10 at their recruiting event on Friday.

9. Los Facheros: Los Facheros opened this week with a max of 10 at their Staff Event on Saturday.

10. The Galactic Empire: The Galactic Empire held one event this week, a training event, maxing 8.


As the tournament approaches, Small Medium armies get ready to compete with their higher-ups. Will Silver Empire be able to retain their top spot next week? Comment YOUR opinion on the S/M Top Ten Armies. Let us know what YOU think.

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