Universal Top Twenty Armies [24/05 – 30/05]

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media HQ — With the Legends Cup approaching near, we see many shifts in the top twenty placements.

1. Rebel Penguin Federation [121.5]

2. Pirates [92.5]

3. Doritos of Club Penguin [91.8]

4. Army of Club Penguin [82.1]

5. Dark Warriors [78.8]

6. Ice Warriors [70.3]

7. Chaos [69.3]

8. Help Force [64.3]

9. Elites [62.0]

10. Water Vikings [56.7]

11. Royal Family [48.5]

12. One Direction Army [48.2]

13. Golden Troops [43.6]

14. Pizza Federation [38.5]

15. Os Mascarados [38.3]

 16. Crimson Guardians [38.0]

17. Templars [37.0]

18. Citrus Army [36.5]

 19. Redemption Force [33.0]

20. Animal Kingdom [31.5]

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1. Rebel Penguin Federation: Rebel Penguin Federation had as busy a week as they usually do. Their week started off with an AUSIA Clash Of The Branches which maxed a hefty 53. Soon after they had their unscheduled Invasion Of Shiver with 42 penguins in attendance. Next came Operation: Smooth Moves, where they managed to max 74. Soon after was an Opr. Referee with 76 Refs. Continuing the trend came Operation: High Spirits with 80 penguins. Next up with Operation: Fortis with 79 attendees. Operation: At Home managed to hit up to 82 penguins. AUSIA Operation: Tree Farmers hit 96 farmers. As the week wound down RPF Invaded Marshmallow with 81 rebels. Yet another AUSIA Operation saw great heights in the form of Operation: Fast Forms with 60 penguins. The week ended with Op The Good Fight where 119 penguins showed up to claim Snowy River.

2. Pirates: The Pirates began their week with a “massive training” and had sizes of 72. Several days later, they invaded the server Flipper in their war with the Ice Warriors, claiming 75. An ‘Operation Bing Bong’ saw a claimed peak for 80 pirate penguins online. They finished the week with an ‘Operation: Red’ which saw 65 pirates attending the event.

3. Doritos of Club Penguin: The Doritos had quite an eventful week. They first started off with an invasion of Parka maxing 66 troops. They later had an AUSIA war training reaching a peak of 45+. They then participated in a Mario-themed invasion of Frozen maxing 65 troops. The army then ended off the week with a practice battle against the Ice Warriors maxing 60.

4. Army of Club Penguin: The Army of CP started off their week with an AUSIA invasion vs CC, maxing 26. Later that day, they had a successful UK invasion of Slushy, while maxing 32. For their final event of the day, they had a successful UK/US invasion of White House and maxed 30. On Wednesday, they successfully defended Thermal from Templars, while maxing 46. For their US event, they said goodbye to their allies, Chaos, in a farewell party, while maxing 65. The next day, they had a US Practice Battle vs the Templars and maxed 47. On Friday, they had an AUSIA Practice Battle vs, the Elites, maxing 30. For their final event of the week, they had a Practice Battle vs Dark Warriors, in preparation of the Legends Cup X™️, and maxed 44.

5. Dark Warriors: The Dark Warriors started off their week on Sunday with a practice battle with the Ice Warriors, in which they maxed 38. Then, they marched right into a Division Battle on Tuesday, maxing 45 warriors. On Thursday they held a hilarious Clown Takeover in which they also had 45 clowns attending. To finish off their week, they held a smashing Practice Battle with the ACP in which they had 50 Dark Warriors present.

6. Ice Warriors: The Ice Warriors held three events this week. They started off with an AUSIA practice battle against the Dark Warriors in which they maxed 27. They held a practice battle with the Doritos on Saturday, maxing 50. To finish off their week, they held an AUSIA training session the same day, maxing 37.

7. Chaos: The Chaos Army closed this week, but not without a bang. They started off with a practice battle against the Crimson Guardians in which they maxed 27. On Wednesday, they had a Purple Party event, maxing 65 at their last CPR event. Then, they held their last CPATG event, maxing 53 to send them off. One last time…

8. Help Force: The Help Force had an astounding 10 events this week! On Sunday, they had their weekly EU branch battle, maxing 35. On Monday, they had a US Mining event, maxing 23 helpers. Tuesday’s event was a practice battle against the Water Vikings with a max of 31. On Wednesday, they had 2 events: an AUSIA Referee event, maxing 34, and a US Sled Race Tourney with a max of 19. Thursday also had 2 events: an AUSIA Fashion Show of 13 helpers, and a max of 45 at their EU Dance Party event. On Friday, they had an EU Card Jitsu Tournament with 20 ninjas, and a US Guitar Event with 25 helpers online. Finally, their Saturday event was Operation: Pride, where they maxed 20.

9. Elites: The Elites had quite an action-packed filled week. They first started off with a U-Lead invasion of Cloudy maxing 29+. They then invaded the server Klondike, maxing 21. They then participated in an AUSIA practice battle against ACP while reaching a number of 30+ troops. The army then ended the week with a practice battle against the Water Vikings peaking at an incredible number of 35 troops.

10. Water Vikings: Water Viking’s week started off with a Training Event that saw heights of 30 Vikings. The next day came to an unscheduled AUSIA Training where 21 penguins came to practice. All the practice led up to a Practice Battle against Help Force in which 29 people came to battle against the foe. The next day came the Water Viking’s Invasion Of Slushy where 24 people came to conquer the server. Their week ended off with a battle against the Elites with a max of 26.

11. Royal Family: The Royals had a quiet week, starting with an invasion of Oyster which had 26 troops. May 29th saw a Harambe Memorial event with a max of 25. They ended their week with a U-Lead event in which they had 24 Royals online.

12. One Direction Army: The ODA has only one event this week, with a successful invasion and a max of 24.

13. Golden Troops: The Golden Troops had a pretty busy week. They started off with a successful defense of Cozy peaking at 20 troops. They then had an invalid invasion of Bobsled, maxing 19 troops. The army then ended the week by participating in an unsuccessful AUSIA defense of Blizzard maxing 13.

14. Pizza Federation: Pizza Federation’s week started off with a bang when Snork had his debut with an EU Training which maxed 11 penguins. The event was followed closely by recruitment which achieved a massive 18 recruiters. Their week had another EU Training, this time maxing 8. This training was once again followed by yet another EU Recruitment where 25 penguins worked hard to earn more members. The next event the Pizza Federation hosted was the Vuvuzela Raiding that acquired 11 in attendance. This raiding was followed closely by the third and final EU Recruitment of this week, which had 10 people recruiting. The week ended off with an AUSIA PB against ACPTR that had 5 attendees.

15. Os Mascarados: OMA started off their week with a masked parade, maxing 11. The same day, they held a Coffin Dance event, while maxing 11. Later, they held another event, maxing 19. The next day, they held a Card-Jitsu Tournament, while maxing 16. They held another event later, on SuperCP, and maxed 12.

16. Crimson Guardians: Crimson Guardians had an action-packed week this week. The week started off with a Find Four tournament that had 11 contenders! Closely following was an EU Positive Practice Tactics in which 10 guardians attended. The same day was a US Chaotic Practice Battle against Chaos where 4 penguins came to fight. Next came their Fashion Show with a max of 8. The week ended with yet another practice battle against Silver Empire with 6 attendees.

17. Templars: The Templars began their week of crusades with a Holy Tree event on Sunday, maxing 16. Then, on Monday, they had an AUSIA Reopening Event with a max of 23, and a US Training Event maxing 14. On Tuesday, they had an EU Training Event, maxing 17. And on Wednesday, they unsuccessfully invaded Thermal, maxing 32 templars


18. Citrus Army: For their only event this week, they battled Crimson Guardians and maxed 20 troops!

19. Redemption Force: The Redemption Force had one event this week in which they maxed 18.

20. Animal Kingdom: The Animal Kingdom had a simple week consisting of 2 events. They started off with a U-Lead Tactics practice event peaking at 15 troops. The army then held another tactics training maxing 14.


With the tournament commencing this week, will it affect the standings? Comment YOUR opinion on this week’s Top 20 Armies. Let us know what YOU think.

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