Cold Wars Federation Closes Down

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Cold Wars Federation Empire – One of the community’s foreign armies, Cold Wars Federation, has announced its closure and has now shut its doors.

Cold Wars Federation, a Portuguese based army, has declared that it has now shut down and will no longer hold events. This army had been operating in the community for almost 2 months and has had many events over the course of its lifetime despite never appearing on any of CPAM’s Top Twenties. They had been quiet in the community and stuck to themselves for the most part as they never had any wars or conflicts with other armies. However, they had been close allies and had maintained good ties with another better known Portuguese army, Os Mascarados.

CWF’s first event

In the announcement posted on their discord, their leader Coky stated the reason behind the closure to be that the army had been struggling with sizes and the leader has had trouble organizing events. He proceeded to thank everyone who had been part of the army and had helped the army through their ups and downs. The announcement was made on the 28th of May and had stated that their final event will be held on the 30th. He went on to say that the army would cease operations afterwards. We attempted to approach the CWF leader, Coky, for an interview but differences in language made it hard to communicate efficiently.

Foreign armies have been around for a while and many have been great success stories such as Wild Ninjas, Metal Warriors, Elite Guardians and Os Mascarados. CWF had not reached that status yet. But, CWF creator Coky has made it clear that he has a dream for the army and will bring it back. Will they be able to achieve the greatness Coky desires if they’re able to come back? Or will they fall into the endless pit of forgotten armies?

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