Legends Cup X: Round One, Day One Results

KLONDIKE, Legends Cup X Boardroom – The first day of the Legends Cup X has concluded, with four armies advancing into the second round. But which armies won their battle?

The first day of the highly anticipated Legends Cup X saw eight armies go head-to-head in four intense 30-minute battles. Each conflict was judged by three individuals, and a conclusion was reached based on: size, tactics, formations, agility, creativity, and other factors. Let’s find out the results of the battles on day one of round one.

Rebel Penguin Federation vs. Underground Mafias Army

The very first battle of the tournament was between the reigning champions and the wildcard entry, the Underground Mafias. While the Rebels pulled a maximum of 92, the Mafias reached 17. Despite a great effort from the Mafias, the overwhelming size and speed of the Rebels resulted in a 3-0 victory for them.

Winner: Rebel Penguin Federation

Water Vikings vs. Angels Army

The second battle, between the Water Vikings and Angels, saw a great showing from the Water Vikings, who hit a maximum of 24. The Angels however, failed to show up, and the battle concluded after the first room.

Winner: Water Vikings

Ice Warriors vs. Sky Troops

Next to battle were the Ice Warriors and Sky Troops. However, the Sky Troops withdrew before the battle began and the Ice Warriors automatically took victory. The Ice Warriors still held an event and proceeded to hit 60 warriors online.

Winner: Ice Warriors

Army of Club Penguin vs. Jungle Warriors

The Army of Club Penguin were met with 4 members of the Jungle Warriors. They peaked at 47 soldiers and ended up winning with a 3-0 victory.

Winner: Army of Club Penguin

The Rebel Penguin Federation, Water Vikings, Ice Warriors and Army of CP took home the round one victories, which means they are now heading into round two. How will they fair? Stay tuned for another day of round one battles occurring tomorrow.

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