Practice Battle Review: Elites vs. Water Vikings

MAMMOTH, Army of CP Capital – On the 30th of May, the Water Vikings and Elites came into conflict during an exciting practice battle. But who came out on top?

The practice battle began at 3:00pm EST, with the Elites and Water Vikings peaking at sizes of 33  and 26 respectively. The rooms of the battle included the Ice Berg, Stadium and the Cove.

[Ice Berg]

The Elites started with a clean plus sign while Water Vikings bunch towards the top left. At the start of the battle, the Vikings were a bit delayed as Elites had already done a tactic before they even got into positions. The Water Vikings then formed an ‘X’ shape while Elites surrounded the Berg and their opponent. The Elites proceeded to be faster for the first few minutes but when Water Vikings ultimately woke up, it was game on. Both teams put in so much effort but due to the fast tactics in this room, Elites took the first victory

Room 1: Ice Berg


The Elites made it to the second room very quickly, forming two vertical lines and performing an excellent opening tactic. The Water Vikings followed strictly behind, heading to the top right of the stadium to bunch. Both teams then went into a well-coordinated bomb tactic. Due to the great efforts of both sides, a tie was announced for the Stadium.


Both the Elites and Water Vikings started with emote-bombing the room with E+9 and E+2. The Elites then surrounded the cove for their first formation. The Vikings went into an unusual and slightly disordered formation. The Elites won the final room due to their cleaner tactics and formations.

Room 3: The Cove

After an intriguing battle, the final battle score was declared as 2-0-1, with the Elites winning two rooms and a tie occurring in the other. There is no doubt both armies gave it their all, and both hope to make a splash in the upcoming Legends Cup tournament. But how will they fair against the other competition?


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