SWAT Returns with New Weapons and Tactics

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, SWAT Empire – In the midst of all the chaos in the army community lately, SWAT has risen out of the dust, holding their return event.

Special Weapons and Tactics merged with their brother allies, the Doritos, in mid-May. (Read CPAM’s post about it here.) Ever since the merge occurred, SWAT creator Ganger20 and SWAT legend Sweater received multiple complaints about the merge. On a website post on May 27, Sweater announced that SWAT was going to reopen: 

From the day SWAT merged into the Doritos I have received numerous messages asking for its return, and I totally get it. SWAT is my home, and it has been since 2015 – and I’m glad many of you consider SWAT home too. This is why I’m excited to announce to you SWAT is returning again – and it’s led with some familiar, up and coming names.

Two horizontal lines, both doing EH

SWAT Return Event, May 2020

Their reopening event took place on May 30, 2020, led by xFastx, Izzy, and Sophy Bee. Sophy calls it “one of the best days I’ve ever had in armies.”  She also stated that:

SWAT’s creator Ganger90, alongside SWAT Legend Sweater, received multiple messages upset with the decision. Together with xFastx, Sophy Bee, and Iz, they decided…to bring SWAT back with a renewed passion for one of the greatest armies CPAL has ever seen. This new SWAT is focused on community, solidarity and family, and today’s return event shows just how big our family is.

CPAM was able to get hold of xFastx, one of the current SWAT leaders, for an interview on their return.

Why do you think your troops wanted to return as SWAT?

I just think it was hard for us, troops and hcom, to merge into a fully new and foreign army, it wasn’t really the same “homey” feeling that we had while in SWAT. In SWAT we were, a smaller, but a much closer family and everybody knew each other and talked to each other, and I think thats why so many of us wanted SWAT to come back. Even I, as a 3ic, couldn’t really get used to being in DCP and I also never really chatted in their discord, it just wasn’t the same feeling. That is also why I and lots of our former troops are extremely happy and glad that we brought SWAT back.

How did the unmerging go?

It was pretty easy, I had already resigned from DCP and joined Elites, and then soon after Conor/Sweater created a group chat with Izzy, Sophy Bee and I and asked us if we would be agree to lead SWAT in the newest generation. We all easily said yes, because we all love SWAT, as it is our true home and we were excited to lead SWAT and help it become even better than it was in the past generations. I think the day after that, our discord server had been setup, and we started inviting all our friends, former troops and we also pasted our link into our old SWAT discord server to let people know that we had reopened. I think we reopened pretty well, we already have over 220 members in our server and max around 30, after only having one event and I’m completely sure, that it’ll only get better from here on out.

How do you think the Doritos will cope with SWAT’s return?

Honestly I don’t think they will care for now, as we aren’t a major army currently and we don’t really stand in their way. My message to DCP would be though that they shouldn’t take this negatively, and anything that we experienced in DCP wasn’t their fault, they were really nice and welcoming, we just didn’t really fit in and that’s okay.

Any plans for the future of SWAT?

Yes, of course we have major plans, we plan on making this the best gen yet, we’re not planning on giving up on this one. Right now we’re trying to stay as neutral as possible though, we’re not looking for too many allies, as we don’t want to be pulled into any war. We’d like to build up our army and our maxes before we dive into any conflict. In the farther future though, let me just say: CPA, be prepared. 😉

Any final words or comments?

I would just like to say thank you to Conor/Sweater for bringing SWAT back and supporting us newbie leaders along the way. I am also very grateful for the opportunity to lead SWAT, I think it is good for SWAT that new people are leading it, it may just turn out to be better than previous generations. 😉 But we’re also being backed by Conor, as I’ve mentioned and Ganger90, SWAT’s original founder, for which we are very grateful. I would also like to say thank you to my two fellow leaders, Sophy Bee and Izzy, I am very glad to lead alongside them, we’re all great friends and SWAT wouldn’t function as well if not for our great dynamic.

With the SWAT returning and the Legends Cup X tournament starting today, will the SWAT rise up to their former glory, or will they succumb to larger armies again?

What do YOU think? Comment below and let us know!


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