The Rise and Fall (and Rise?) of The Penguin Army Force

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media HQ ─ The World finds itself in an interesting position. With a global pandemic cancelling schools for at least 4 whole months, students and CPA members are stuck at their home trying to keep up with terrible virtual school systems to deal with on a daily basis, thus swallowing their whole schedule. But the most affected army isn’t who you think.

The Penguin Army Force is an army unaffiliated to any CPA league, dormant since early May, not showing signs of life. They were created in 2018 as a colony to the Spanish speaking army known as the Wild Ninjas but eventually shut down in early 2019. However, pretty much in the last days of 2019, one morning everybody woke up to see that the Wild Ninjas chat had been totally deleted and hacked.

The servers channels had all been deleted and replaced with 8 channels unanimously named “Hacked By Cyber”. This also had become the name of the server itself, and the server icon had been changed as well. A Turkish bot had also been sending pings all over the place. Every member in the army was evacuated into a hub server and the old Wild Ninjas server was deleted while the future of the army was polled several times over by the remaining leadership and members. I myself helped out this entire process as a fellow Spanish speaker.

The polls resulted in the Wild Ninjas name being ditched and the army would continue with the Penguin Army Force name. The army would be off to a great start, having a division enlist in CPOAL, and the main army would join Club Penguin Warfare, this being mainly motivated by Wild Ninjas legend and former leader Kerx being chosen as one of the admins of the league.

April 13th 2020

They had a time of prosperity, seeing consistent maxes and even a war, but during the 9th of April 2020, Club Penguin Warfare got hacked and breached. Without an army league (besides their CPOAL division) interest, activity, and soon maxes would start to dim. The current leadership tried to bring interest up with wacky themed events but that failed as well. The army took a silent break without any announcements or post. Nothing. Just pure silence was the only thing that could be seen from their HCOM. No events happened after the 7th of May.

The chat became a hangout server, and I took it to myself to uncover the mystery of what happened to the once glorious Penguin Army Force, or PAF for short. I interviewed their HCOM, and the following is what I could uncover. The first interview is with their second in command, Gohan. He didn’t seem to have a clue.

It seems that PAF may have communication issues between their HCOM. The next interview is with their creator and legend Mariobrus 1. He kept things brief.

The last interview is with their current leader, Agus. He did seem to know what was happening, more than other HComs anyway.

Note: The original interviews were in Spanish. This is just a translation.

Interview with Gohan, WN 2ic

What is your opinion of PAF’s current state?

Well I wasn’t active for a while, and when I return PAF itself is inactive and its kind of annoying, but I hope they become active soon. Meanwhile I think that they probably won’t return or something. I dont know. But I think maybe they won’t return or maybe yes. No idea on what will happen to the army but im all in for whatever destiny chooses for us.

Interview with Mariobrus1 WN Founder

How do you think PAF ended up not having events for a whole 3 weeks and a half?

Because leaders and members have not had time to organize events because of the online classes.

What is your opinion on the current situation and confusion?

Well our members are very busy and don’t seem to give any importance to the army.

Interview with Agus, PAF Leader

What is the current state of PAF in your opinion?

PAF is on break, it is so that members can have all the time they need to do their schoolwork.

How do you consider we ended in this situation?

1) Members attending the events were few.
2) We have tried to improve the theme of the events by adding fun activities for their entertainment, but there was no case.
3) We have tried to do cooperative events with other armies and failed as well.
A test has been done on the situation of the members and we concluded that many are on duty and have important things to do.

So we decided not to do events until further notice.

What is your opinion on the topic?

My opinion is that we should go back to the activity, at least 1 event per week, where members vote on which day to do it and more members can attend.

It seems that PAF’s situation is a combination of inactivity, miscommunication, lack of interest regarding the army. And I hope once the pandemic ends PAF, and the world returns back to normal.

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