J&K’s Army Troop Interviews: CPMaster

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media Headquarters — Welcome to J&K’s Army Troop Interviews! Here, Jason & Kavacado, Reporters of the Club Penguin Army Media, are taking interesting interviews from penguins all around Club Penguin Armies. From the lowest recruits to the highest-ranked leaders, everyone can express and describe their opinion and point of view about this wonderful community.

Today, we will be interviewing CPMaster, aka Pokemonfan45, a Leaderman of the Heroes of CP and a Creator of the War Penguin Force!


Jason: How was your day so far Mr CP?

CPMaster: Good, Actually. I have been relaxing on Penguin Saloon

Jason: Good to hear. So, what armies are you in currently?

CPMaster: I am in the Help Force, I am an ally in the CP Reds and I own the WPF.

Jason: Oh, so you’re in a lot of armies. What made you create your own army?

CPMaster: Yeah actually. I had a 2013 army and I wanted to relive those times since we shut down in 2017.

Jason: Oh that’s cool

CPMaster: Yeah I know

Jason: How long have you been in the armies community (in CP in general)?

CPMaster: Since 2013. Then in the middle of 2013 I created the army.

Jason: Oh so you’re really old in Armies.

CPMaster: Yep

Jason: Really cool. How is it to lead an army?

CPMaster: Good, sometimes but you get stressed when trying to figure out stuff to help the army.

Jason: Like what can help an army?

CPMaster: Events, Allies, Recruits, etc.

Jason: Oh yeah I understand. What’s your favourite part of your army?

CPMaster: Having Pjayo have a creator/friend and the outfit

Jason: Lol. Yeah, these are the cool things in an army. Anyways, have you ever been in other armies?

CPMaster: Nope. But I have been in one in CP.

Jason: Oh that’s something you don’t see a lot; From 2013 you’ve mostly been in your army. That’s cool. Anyways, what’s your opinion about CPA? Any changes you would like to see?

CPMaster: No, no changes.

Jason: Oh ok, so you think CPA is alright at the moment?

CPMaster: Yes.

Jason: That’s interesting. Anyways, what do you usually do outside of Armies?

CPMaster: I wake up at 7-8 AM, sometimes 9 AM, I eat my breakfast, get my PC on then game on CPR/CPATG, record videos and meet up with friends.

Jason: Oh that’s cool

CPMaster: Sometimes I go to bed late… Naughty me…

Jason: Lol. So you’ve got a YouTube channel or something?

CPMaster: Yeah, Club Penguin Master

Jason: Oh that’s cool. Moving on, do you have any ridiculous goals in life?

CPMaster: Yes. (don’t laugh..) Becoming a millionaire/billionaire to help world poverty!

Jason: Oh that’s really ambitious and has a kind purpose

CPMaster: The only bit is… BILLIONAIRE. That’s impossible.

Jason: I mean, nothing is impossible if you really want to achieve it.

CPMaster: That’s why I started YouTube, to earn some money.

Jason: Oh, so YouTube is an early way for you to earn money for your future goals?

CPMaster: Yeah

Jason: That’s really cool. I hope you the best of luck!

CPMaster: That is also why am i making an amazing cpps with 4 modes. STORY | CPPS (2015 Style/2005 style) | CPPS MAKER | ARMY |

Jason: Ooooohh, that sounds really cool.

CPMaster: I have got Superhero123 to help me as well (CPATG Maker)

Jason: Oh that’s great. I hope you the best of luck for this project too.

CPMaster: A few penguin saloon devs.

Jason: Lol. Anyways, favourite colour?

CPMaster: Hmm, purple and red.

Jason: Ok cool. Thanks for your time Mr CP. Anything you would like to add before we end?

CPMaster: Yes. I will be in future interviews with Jason so keep notified in the Club Penguin Army Media!

Jason: Yeah make sure you’re notified for the next CP’s Interview. Anyways, thanks for your time.

CPMaster: Bye viewers!


To end off this interview, I think that CPMaster is a really cool guy. He does YouTube videos, he has his own army, Heroes of CP, alongside Krill 300, and in general seems a very interesting, and very knowledgeable as I’ve heard, individual. I would highly suggest that you subscribe to his YouTube channel, which has some enjoyable videos.

Be sure to keep an eye out for next weeks interview! Who knows? Maybe you could be our next interviewee! Be sure to direct message either katerina#9039 or Jason6331#3481 on Discord if you would like to be interviewed!


CP Army Media Reporter 


CP Army Media Reporter 



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  1. Hello everyone! This is official.. Just one thing my army was created in 2011 but it released in 2013 to the public..

  2. Yeet DUDE!
    We’re in Legends Cup X too!

    thx CPMaster yeetful xd

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