Legends Cup X: Round One, Day Two Predictions

KLONDIKE, Legends Cup X Boardroom — As the Legends Cup progresses, here are the day two’s predictions!

The first day saw four battles happening, and the predicted armies emerging victorious. For day two, who will emerge as victors? Let’s dive into the battle previews and staff predictions for today!

Doritos of Club Penguin vs. Cold Wars Federation

The news regarding the closure of the Cold Wars Federation came out earlier today (Click Here). With that, the Doritos of Club Penguin automatically progresses in the Legends Cup bracket. Though, with their scheduled event of today, the community waits to see what they hold.


Ayan, Chief Executive Officer: Doritos

Emcee, Chief Executive Officer: Doritos

Pookie, Executive Producer: Doritos

Koloway, Vice President: Doritos

Max, Vice President: Doritos

Dino, Vice President: Doritos

32op: Army League Head of Board: Cold Wars Federation

Mehakk: Army League Head of Board: Doritos

Help Force vs. Silver Empire

Holding their position in the Top Ten armies for about two weeks, the Help Force has a majority of the staff predictions supporting them. The Silver Empire have made their mark in the S/M community by coming out on top in the Universal Small Medium Top Ten. Will the Silver Empire, be able to curb the power of helping, or will the Helpers emerge out victorious?


Ayan, Chief Executive Officer: Help Force

Emcee, Chief Executive Officer: Help Force

Pookie, Executive Producer: Help Force

Koloway, Vice President: Help Force

Max, Vice President: Help Force

Dino, Vice President: Help Force

32op: Army League Head of Board: Silver Empire

Mehakk: Army League Head of Board: Help Force

Pirates vs. Yellow Warriors

The Pirates have proved themselves, as a strong competitor even after the shutdown of their home CPPS. Maxing high in their recent events, the staff predictions lie in their favor. With the Yellow Warriors not to be seen anywhere, can they put up an exciting fight, or will they succumb and walk the plank?


Ayan, Chief Executive Officer: Pirates

Emcee, Chief Executive Officer: Pirates

Pookie, Executive Producer: Pirates

Koloway, Vice President: Pirates

Max, Vice President: Pirates

Dino, Vice President: Pirates

32op: Army League Head of Board: Yellow Warriors

Mehakk: Army League Head of Board: Pirates

Dark Warriors vs. The Galactic Empire

The Dark Warriors have started strong in CPATG by maxing high in all divisions. The staff predictions lie in favor of the warriors, considering their exquisite performance lately. The Galactic Empire, at the same time, have been in an unstable condition regarding their consistency and sizes. Will the Galactic Empire be able to pull a shocking victory, or will the Warriors take the dub tonight?


Ayan, Chief Executive Officer: Dark Warriors

Emcee, Chief Executive Officer: Dark Warriors

Pookie, Executive Producer: Dark Warriors

Koloway, Vice President: Dark Warriors

Max, Vice President: Dark Warriors

Dino, Vice President: Dark Warriors

32op: Army League Head of Board: The Galactic Empire

Mehakk: Army League Head of Board: Dark Warriors


It’s day two of the Legends Cup X, having four interesting battles today. Make sure to place your bets in the comments below to take part in the Character Select contest. Stay tuned in the tournament discord for updates regarding the battles!

Which armies do YOU think will win today? Comment below and let us know.

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CP Army Media Chief Executive Officer

18 Responses

  1. DCP, HF, Pirates, DW

  2. I’m hopeless for my army =_=

  3. battle 1: doritos
    battle 2: help force
    battle 3: pirates
    battle 4:dark warriors

    (my nitro runs out in 7 days man)

  4. doritos, hf, pirates, dw

  5. Doritos
    Help Force
    Dark Warriors

  6. Easy one today as well. DCP, HF, Pirates, DW

  7. Doritos, Help Force, Pirates, Dark Warriors

  8. I think that DCP, Pirates, HF and Dark warriors will win! Let’s hope I am right! Fingers Crossed!

  9. My predictions:
    1. Doritos
    2. HF
    3. Pirates
    4. DW

  10. Doritos
    Help Force
    Dark Warrior

  11. Doritos, HF, Pirates, DW

  12. Dark warriors dcp pirates and help force are going through

  13. dcp, hf, pirates, dw. good luck to all armies in day 2!

  14. DCP, HF, Pirates, DW

  15. Doritos, HF, Pirates, DW

  16. dortios hf pritres dw

    Gotta go with the ones I’m familiar with, best of luck to everyone

  18. Doritos
    Silver Empire
    Dark Warriors

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