Army Of The Week: Golden Troops

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media Headquarters – The third instalment of Army Of The Week on the CPAM website is here. Reserved for armies that scaled the Top Ten or armies started off with a bang, the title is not to be taken lightly. For this week’s Army, we have chosen to put Golden Troops into the spotlight.

Golden Troops beginnings were anything but ordinary. The Golden Troops were birthed from a merge between two armies. The Sun Troops, and the Golden Warriors. The Sun Troops were a respectable army that was one of the strongest Small-Medium armies at that time. Occasionally, the Sun Troops even dabbled into the Top Ten. Golden Warriors were an army that regularly competed for 4th on the Top Ten. In March 2010, the current leaders of both armies decided to merge into one. Thus, the Golden Troops were born.

After becoming an army, the Golden Troops had no problems making themselves known. The merge had been wildly successful. Golden Troops had frequented the Top Ten and even managed to earn themselves second. However, they were always 2nd to Army Of Club Penguin. This sparked an intense hatred for the army. This hatred would come into play months later, but for the moment the army had hit an iceberg in their career. 

The army was tired of continuously being second best. Their troops started to leave, and alongside the troops went the spirit the army had had for so long. Golden Troops fell from 2nd in the Top Ten to the bottom. The leadership decided that a merge had caused their sudden success, it would do so again. So, the Golden Troops merged into Team Gold in October 2010. 

Because of this merge, Team Gold was commonly called a super power. They consistently ranked high on the Top Ten, and didn’t hesitate to boast about it. However, this power was not meant to last. Golden Troops had brought their leadership issues with them. In the span of March 2010 to October 2010, the army had changed its leadership 13 times. The leadership of Team Gold started to crumble, with many leaders retiring. 

In December 2010, Golden Troops was recreated by Sercan 44444, Jerry2cool, Ganger90, Riotos and Flipper776. The army was quick to regain its former glory of hitting Second on the Top Ten. Like before, they continued to struggle to achieve any higher. It appeared that this era would continue to follow their past. Golden Troops’ second generation ended in June 2011 due to internal disputes between the army owners and leaders. 

A new dawn was approaching for the Golden Troops. Their hatred towards Army Of Club Penguin was not forgotten. In the early months of Summer 2011, Golden Troops scheduled a “mystery invasion”. The entirety of Club Penguin armies knew who the invasion was targeted to. ACP claimed that the Golden Troops broke an anti hacking treaty amongst the top ten armies. This caused a flame war which began at the end of August, and tensions were high throughout the armies. The skirmish ended terribly for the Golden Troops. It was hardly the success they had been hoping for. While they saw huge heights during the summer, by September they had fallen from CPAC to SMAC. Due to their tremendous fall, the army closed its doors.

Since then there have been several attempts to recreate the Golden Troops, but none have lasted long or made any tremendous impacts on the army world. At least, until September 2012.

After their first week of being brought back, the army managed to hit 5th on the Top Ten. Their arrival happened to coincide with a semi-world war that had been brewing amongst the armies. The Dark Warriors declared war against the Golden Troops, in which they won and left the Golden Troops to rebuild. By this time WW7 had already been initiated, and the Golden Troops had to join a side. They did not leave the war unscathed nor without scandals. Several minor wars would follow the world war. Golden Troops was being battered constantly, and the leadership and creators decided it was best to close the armies doors. The army officially closed on the 23rd of February, 2013 after 6 months of being back.

There was once again a short period where LordPain attempted to revive the Troops, but some of the creators felt that it shouldn’t be brought back at that time. So that revival, again, failed to compare to GT’s original status.

The years passed, and a new chapter in Golden Troops history has recently begun. Sercan 44444 has come back to help this generation’s Golden Troops succeed. The current reiteration of Golden Troops has no qualms keeping up with their past history of charging into wars. Despite being in operation for little more than a month, they’ve already dominated One Direction Army in a war! This past week, they’ve also skyrocketed up to 13th place on the leaderboard. They are certainly worthy of this weeks Army Of The Week.Let’s hear leader TheMightyA explain his plans for the army and how they had managed to make such a leap!

So Mighty, what happened last week for GT to make such a jump in the Top Ten?

Well the war gave us increased numbers for sure, with the help of allies and more motivation to recruit than ever, we were reaching average sizes of 20. On top of that lots of armies had shut down so less competition in the top 10.

A motive to fight certainly helps maxes a lot. With the on-going Legends Tournament, everyone wants to know how you’re going to make sure Golden Troops succeeds! Would you mind giving us a preview?

Of course! To make sure we get as far as possible, we are trying to recruit as much as possible, and anyway possible, as there are no allies allowed in the tournament. We have been doing hours of copy and pasting lines in several CPPS’s and even trying some discord recruiting here and there. On top of that we have been preparing with tactics trainings and practice battles, like the practice battle with Animal Kingdom.

They say practice makes perfect! What plans do you have for GT moving on from the Legend Tournament?

Mostly aiming for new sizes to get even higher on the top 10. Our next goal is 25 and I think we can pull it off.  We’re also thinking of going for new servers in possible wars if we can grow sizes wise enough. Lets just say, GT is just gonna keep on getting bigger and bigger, major army here we come!

I wish you tremendous luck with that! Do you have anything else you’d like to say to the community?

Hell will be unleashed!

That’s it for this week’s Army Of The Week! The Golden Troops have been a resilient army from the get go, and have withstood many ups and downs. It seems as if they plan on upholding these past traits. Get ready armies, Golden Troops are here to unleash hell.

Will this new generation of Golden Troops fall victim to their past? Or will they rise from previous failures and stand out among the failed attempts at recreating the golden army? Let us know what YOU think in the comments below!


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  1. That’s some big and interesting army’s history. Best so far.

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