[BREAKING] Os Mascarados Framed for Multi-logging by Former Members?

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media Headquarters – It would appear that two estranged Os Mascarados members have attempted to frame the army for multi-logging at recent events.

We have seen numerous multi-logging reports in the past two weeks, all of which have suggested illicit activity occurring in the leadership of the armies involved. Today, however, we have a case in which it appears former members of an army may have attempted to frame the leadership for multi-logging.

News of multi-logging activity within Os Mascarados first surfaced when an anonymous Discord account approached Templars’ leader Xing following a battle between the two armies. An array of Discord messages and screenshots of specific Club Penguin accounts were shared, and Xing passed the information to CP Army Media, who proceeded to launch an investigation.

CP Armies: The Game creator, Superhero123, looked into the suspicious penguins, and discovered multi-logging was in fact occurring. However, further digging revealed the two people thought to be behind it were in fact banned from the army several weeks ago after they defaced the Os Mascarados Discord server (click here to read). These two people are Delhant and JoshepPeter1.

Evidence suggests Delhant multi-logged the penguins Mdelleon and Exmont, while JoshepPeter1 multi-logged the penguins P10699 and Manobro777. The presence of these penguins at Os Mascarados events can be seen in the pictures below. The penguins login IP matches the IP of the suspects main penguin accounts: ‘Delhant’ and ‘JoshepPeter1’.

Another two suspicious accounts were XxFireXx and F1r3, who both had the same IP address. However, these did not match the IP address of leader Fire’s real penguin accounts, Fire3004, nor anyone else. It is likely someone used a VPN when logging these penguins on to disguise their identity.

CP Army Media approached Delhant and JoshepPeter1 for a statement and they both denied the allegations. They state the Os Mascarados troops know their IPs, but this provides no explanation as to why both sets of penguins had their IPs at multiple events seeing as knowing an IP doesn’t necessarily mean you can emulate one. JoshepPeter admits to creating the penguin accounts, but denies logging on. Delhant also admitted he still sometimes logs on to events, despite being banned several weeks ago.

The evidence suggests they are possibly responsible for attempting to frame the Os Mascarados leadership, and the defacing scandal several weeks ago shows they also have a motive. CP Army Media will be removing the multi-logged penguins from the Os Mascarados size for the Top Twenty calculations this week, and no further action will be taken. There is no evidence of the Os Mascarados leadership multi-logging and the Discord screenshots could potentially be faked. Without conclusive evidence, we cannot take further action.

CP Army Media will continue to expose the wrongdoings of those in the community, especially those trying to fake larger sizes.

Did OMA multi-log or are they victims of a frame job? What do YOU think? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


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