‘The Errantry War’ Ends: Templars & OMA Ceasefire

BREEZE, Os Mascarados Empire — The Templars and OMA war began with the Templars invading Breeze. Soon after that, the two sides agreed to terms, ending their one battle war.

The Templars declared war on the Portuguese army, Os Mascarados, on 28th May 2020 (Click Here for CPAM’s coverage). The battle began at 5 PM EST, as we saw both armies getting ready for the face-off.

Both armies, having similar sizes of about 20, battled in the Stadium, Iceberg, and Town. With speedy tactics from the Templars and strong defenses from the masked troops, the battle was one of a kind. The battle of Breeze was judged by CP Army Media, on the request of the armies. The verdict came in favor of the Templars, leaving the Os Mascarados with just one territory; Fiesta.

Battle of Breeze

The next face-off was supposed to happen on Wednesday at 5 PM EST. But, the two armies entered into a peace treaty before the battle. On Wednesday, at 4 17 PM EST, Templars commander Xing, and Os Mascarados commander Fire agreed to terms which you can see in the picture below:

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Taking this into consideration, war situations between the two armies have stabilized. Even after annexing two new servers into their empire, the Templars have scheduled invasions on the Coup Crusaders and Dark Bandits. Will the Templars be successful in their hunt of new lands, or will they succumb to defeat?


What do YOU think about this war? Will the Templars be successful?
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