Coup Crusaders: Back From The Dead?

WHITE HOUSE, Coup Crusaders Capital – The Coup Crusaders have been hit with a multitude of drama since their birth, but as they begin a new era, is this all behind them?

After the army got defaced by several former leaders (click here to read), the future of Coup Crusaders was uncertain. New leaders took charge and implemented several changes into the running and administration of the army. A figure known as Flav was one of these new leaders, and he said the following:

Me and the High Command have discussed and decided that we will be joining the New Club Penguin Army League. Also we will be doing mascot, pins, codes and catalogue trackers for this CPPS. Thank you all for the support since being defaced and we are planning to grow and strive and be better than ever.

Despite the odds, the Coup Crusaders showed up to Legends Cup X and faced the Animal Kingdom in the first round. They suffered a 3-0 defeat, as the Animal Kingdom dominated in size and tactics in all three battle rooms. The Crusaders peaked at 6, while the Animal Kingdom were more than double their size, at 13 penguins.

CP Army Media got a chance to interview Commander Coolguy on the Coup Crusaders revival.

What made you want to revive Coup Crusaders?

I’ve been in armies for many years and joining Coup… well, let’s say I never planned on doing it but it worked out at first. It was a good community and the working environment was great. I believed we could be something big but we got defaced. I believe by doing that, I am showing that I, nor CC, backs down, we stand proud, even against armies like ACP. We stay strong and fight no matter the situation. We do not just surrender. We fight till the very end. No matter what. Leading an army is never easy, having to revive it is even harder but the we enjoy our time and want people to enjoy our time with us. We didn’t want war but we fought to show we aren’t cowards.

Do you have any plans on making a return to the S/M Top Ten anytime soon?

Of course, we want to make our way to the top once again and smash through the barriers. Right now, we have invasions to take care of and I’m sure, win or lose, that will help us get into the top ten. We may have had hard times and are still having them. We don’t want to make enemies but we do want to smash through the top ten once again. Don’t count us out!

Do you have any thoughts on the server revamps made by Flav?

Flav is an amazing person. I think our new server shows that despite some bad parts of the past, we are not them people and we have been reborn. This shows a different side to Coup and it is more welcome and a lot better than it was before. I believe that with this new environment, troops will be able to interact more with us and they’ll be able to find things easily. The improvements are amazing and now, thanks to Flav, we can focus on our weaknesses as an army, try to improve and focus on scaling up yet again and becoming a strong force that others should not undermine or underestimate.

Do you plan to take back the servers that you lost?

We don’t want any enemies and to be honest, there are armies targeting us right now so, we’ll have to wait and see how that turns out. Right now, Dark Bandits own Bunny Hill and it’s being invaded by Templars, so no-one’s going to interfere with that, no-one can. Slushy is owned by Water Vikings who are allies of Coup so even thinking about invading would be crazy and definitely something we wouldn’t do because. Unlike a small amount of armies, we want to stay true to our alliances and we will not do anything bad to them. They are our allies, not our enemies.

As we can see, the Coup Crusaders are confident about their fresh start in the community. But can they maintain their rebuild and retain their former glory? And how will the new leaders fair?

What do YOU think will happen to Coup Crusaders in the future? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!


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