CP Armies: The Game, One Year of Fighting

On June 15th, CPA:TG will be one year old. This post is a prelude for the CPA:TG One Year Anniversary Party, starting on June 8th. One year has passed since the game first flooded with many small, yet intrigued, armies who wanted to check out a game which claimed to be made just for them. Despite this new CPPS coming out of nowhere by someone most in the army community had never heard of before, the game gained traction. This realization was so shocking for me, that I, Superhero123, had to get on the CPAM website and do one of the things I despise the most: write a post.

Why you may ask? There are two reasons the word “Why?” may be in your head at this point. Lets tackle them one by one.

Why did you make CPA:TG in the first place?

Honestly, I get this question quite often and it’s a fairly justified one. I am developing a game which takes a lot of time, makes zero revenue, for a community filled with people I didn’t even know when I returned on May 2019. There are two reasons. It is a fun pastime for an aspiring “normal” game developer like myself, providing coding and community management experience. It helps the majority of this community which deserves something better than what Disney has planned for them. It’s true that the amount of time this takes will eventually be the reason I will have to leave my position as CPA:TG Admin. Until then though, I really enjoy it!

I wanted to get this out of the way, because it’s a question I keep getting asked. Now, lets tackle the second “Why?” and arguably, the more relevant and important one.

Why are you so excited?

Another fair question! Many CPPS reach one year of existence as it’s a relatively short amount of time. It’s not the mere thought of the duration that CPA:TG has been around which makes me excited. It is what YOU did, as members of the community, using CPA:TG as a platform to display your own work. Let’s do a quick rundown of CPA:TG’s history.

On June 15th, it was mainly used by armies that were relatively small. Lime Green Army, Pizza Federation, Green Street Gang, Winged Hussars are some of the most notable armies from its first days, none of which maxed more than fifteen back then. With the efforts of the other CPA League Admins (DMT, Greeny, and  Memmaw), more and more armies started fighting on CPA:TG. Mopia, Elite Guardians, Recon Federation, and the Rebel Penguin Federation are the main forces that joined afterwards and shaped the summer of 2019 on CPA:TG. It was full of great wars and a huge tournament, which ended with RPF victorious.

You kept fighting. ACP returned in the fall, becoming the second original CPA major army to use CPA:TG. Despite the fact that I was busier during this period and even stepped down from CPA Admin resulting in less updates, CPA:TG continued to go strong, and wars kept raging on. Help Force left CPO and quickly established footing on CPA:TG in October. After a Halloween Party, a Winter Party, and a Tournament (which ACP won), it was then that the CPA League had to cease operations. At this point, I was really concerned about the future of the game. I couldn’t run it without good partners. Luckily, CPAM proved to be a news site beyond any expectations, honestly, and I am grateful to people like Ayan, Emcee, and Pookie who run it in such an amazing way.

Quarantine came and army activity boomed. New armies appeared, and legendary armies of the past returned like Chaos, soon becoming frequenters of CPA:TG. Then, the biggest conflict of the year happened. The short but tense World War Rewritten proved CP:ATG had fixed its stability issues once and for all.

Perhaps the epitome of the CPPS’s history so far was the CPA community merge which occured on May 15th, 2020. Everyone logged in together on CPA:TG, and partied for days to celebrate unification! It’s crazy how after years of divide, it only took a poll to end this all. As Freezie said:

If this wasn’t the greatest achievement for this wonderful community this year, then what was it? Putting aside year long differences and working together for a united future is a grand accomplishment. Maybe that’s the actual answer to question one. This is why this community deserves a CPPS like CPA:TG, a CPPS just for armies. That’s how it is, not the other way around.

CPA:TG flourished in population, and Zuke, a successful and skilled CPPS designer was kind enough to donate a few custom rooms for the game. Let’s also not forget the small, but truly fun, Challengers Cup Tournament held on CPA:TG, won by PZF, one of the few armies who have played the game consistently since day one! Now, the Legends Cup is in progress, and the stakes are higher than ever.

This one year run is, for the most part, displayed in this video made by Legacy:


So, this answers those two questions. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for making CP Armies: The Game so awesome. You have done way more for it than I have. See you on June 8th!


CPA:TG Main Developer & Administrator


CP Army Media Chief Executive Officer

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  1. Super, tysm for taking the time to make a cpps to make the community better. You saved many armies from d*sney and to many u rlly are a hero

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