Into the Vault: ‘The Grinch War’

KLONDIKE, Ayan’s Desk — Reopening the buried files and wounds of war, CP Army Media brings forward, the third edition of “Into the Vault,” this time about a mythical series of battles which took place in 2016.

“The Grinch War,” as coined by CP Army Central, was initiated by the Doritos of Club Penguin against the Rebel Penguin Federation. The war, in its prime for about four days, included the “Grinch Alliance” fighting RPF.

On December 24th, 2016, DCP declared war on the RPF for “bullying” the Army of Club Penguin and “whining” about their loss in a tournament. Here’s an excerpt from the war declaration posted by the Doritos:

Prior to the tournament, RPF had decided to declare war & bully our brother allies, ACP. This will not go unnoticed and it will not be tolerated. ACP have been there for us many times, and we will be there for them. RPF will claim we are cowards by joining the alliance against them, when they could’ve easily avoided this situation by not provoking an army who did nothing to them in the first place. Sorry RPF, but it looks like we’ll have to destroy you again!

Following several controversies taking place around leaderships, the Doritos, Army of CP, and the Army Republic came together, forming the “Grinch Alliance.” The first day of the war – December 26th, saw several battles taking place. Amidst bots, chat “nulling” accusations, the Battle of Tuxedo gained the limelight.

Battle of Tuxedo

The two contestants threw a series of allegations towards each other when both sides claimed victory over the battle. The Rebels and Doritos had about equal sizes of 30 throughout the combat. Progressing with the war, the Army of Club Penguin and the Army Republic invaded a bunch of servers from the RPF, which the latter ignored.

ACP’s Invasion of Sled

AR’s Invasion of Snowflake

As every conflict comes to an end, the Doritos and RPF called for a ceasefire, which concluded the Grinch War. On December 27th, DCP announced the end of the war in a post, which also included apologies to their allies. Badboy, in his declaration, stated that: (Click Here for the original post).

Against me, Mike, and 32’s best efforts, 13yearoldn00b has taken it upon himself to sign a treaty with RPF, without the consent of any current DCP leaders, thus pulling us out of the war. Apparently he had Wwe’s consent, which wouldn’t make any sense to me considering Wwe isn’t active in DCP, and hasn’t really been keeping up with the war, but since CPA ( is no longer active, and their rule that a majority of the leadership must sign the treaty for it to be legit can no longer be relied on, then I’m afraid there is not much I can do. I apologize to our allies, ACP/AR, I did everything I could, I even fought with 13 and some of my owners to try and prevent this from happening, but once the treaty was signed, it was out of my reach. Stay strong, don’t take any shit from RPF, as they are a weak army, and we easily matched them on the battle field day in and day out.

The representatives of the two sides agreed to a peace treaty. It came with a ceasefire, which was to last until March 1st, 2017. Several battles were contested throughout this war, with the alliance in favor of more wins. It’s 2020, and all of the armies involved except for the Army Republic, stand firm. Only time will tell if the community will witness another such feud between the stalwarts.


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