The Latest Water Vikings Generation So Far: Sink or Swim?

FROSTBITE, Water Vikings Empire — The rebrand from Golden Guardians to the historic Water Vikings sent shockwaves throughout the community, with significant hype around their re-opening. But some would say the tide has remained calm as their hype has plateaued.

On May 19th, Kingfunks4, a CP Army Legend & WV Legend, released a post stating that the Water Vikings army will be returning to the community. This news sent ripples through the community as the Water Vikings was a legendary army and are CP Army Central’s 10th greatest army of all time. Many legendary leaders started in the Water Vikings, and many veterans returned to support this generation. In addition to that, WV was an excellent tournament army as they appeared in the finals in both Legends Cup VI and VII. They underwent many wars in the past and had deep rivalries with many commands during their golden eras. Overall, WV was a mighty army during the old period, but have they been able to match that during the new one?

Water Vikings – 2015

WV started this generation off with a stacked leadership comprised of Kingfunks4, Pjayo, Buddy, Adden433, Tymatt, and Thomas83514. However, many have come and gone during the short time that the army has been around. The army’s return event was a practice battle against the Army of Club Penguin, which they lost but managed to get a massive maximum size of 45, which is the most they’ve got in this generation up until now.


After the opening event, they kicked off their AUSIA division with an unscheduled event in which they had 28 penguins online. They managed to achieve number 8 on the top twenty after their first week. They proceeded by having multiple training sessions in which they maxed stable sizes of 30-35. They then engaged with Help Force in another practice battle, which they lost once again but with an overall better performance tactically. The rest of the week saw multiple training events maxing sizes of 20-30, but it is evident that sizes took a hit. However, WV has been actively trying to improve and have also engaged Ice Warriors and Elites in practice battles as they attempt to improve tactically and size-wise to have a shot at the Legends Cup title.

unknown (30)

We were able to interview WV leader Thomas83514 to learn about his opinion on WV and their plans for the near future.

How do you think WV has performed in this generation till now?

It’s been a lot of ups and down, generally I think we are doing quite well and we are working hard with dealing with any obstacles that come our way.

What are WV leaders’ goals for the army in the near future?

Obviously to score high on top tens, go far in tournaments, achieve high sizes, all that jazz. Personally as leader I want to build life-long lasting friendships with people I’ve met here in the Water Vikings.

If WV was to shut down right now, would this generation be labeled a success in your opinion?

I think so, the fact that we have won at least one battle since this generation began is something to be proud of

Any further statements?

Fear the wave


The Water Vikings have been performing well but have been hit by stability issues in their leadership, which has probably hindered their progress. The constant strive to get better is apparent in WV, and the leaders seem motivated to make this a unique generation, but will they be able to achieve that? Will they be able to swim smoothly? Or will trouble onboard cause their ship to sink?

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