Zoomey Promoted to Water Vikings Leadership

FROSTBITE, Water Vikings Empire – The Water Vikings were hit with several leadership departures last week, but this week second-in-command Zoomey has been inducted in their absence.

On May 5th, just a week ago, the Water Vikings leadership suffered the loss of three significant figures: Koloway, Adden and Tymatt (click here to read). Although they all left for different reasons, their sudden departure at the same time left the army feeling unstable.

Earlier today, however, second-in-command Zoomey was promoted to the leadership position. CP Army Media spoke to Kingfunks4, one of the current leaders, who gave us a statement on the situation:

Zoomey is an army and Water Viking veteran, someone that I have known for years, so I know that he is more than capable of running and leading an army. Since our return Zoomey has shown incredible commitment to the army, when we had a slight dip after Tymatt, Koloway and Adden retired he was at the core of our drive back upwards. Over the past week or so Zoomey has basically been acting as a leader, helping to lead events, deal with the medal system and other things. He has also formed a great relationship with the troops, so his addition will be nothing but beneficial and I cant wait to work with him as a fellow leader. All of our 2ic’s have been great since our return, and no doubt they will get their chance as well in the near future.

The Water Vikings have been consistently hitting 25-30 penguins at their events, a respectable size for an army that was only revived several weeks ago. Their most recent event was an invasion of the server Parka, and they peaked at a maximum of 30, with fantastic tactics.

The CP Army Media team caught up with the man of the moment to find out his plans for the future:

How are you feeling about your recent promotion?

I’m quite happy to be promoted. Anyone who knows me knows I’ve always had a soft spot for Water Vikings so being apart of this new generation is a great thing for me!

What plans do you have for the army?

I plan on rising the army and making the army adjust to the new way armies work along with my fellow leaders. Although it takes a while to rise an army, we’re aware of this and have been putting in a lot of work and will continue to do so!

There is no doubt the Water Vikings have high hopes for the Legends Cup X, and with the addition of Zoomey into their leadership, their chances at success are looking more likely. But how will the army continue to do?

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