Sun Troops Defaced… Again?

ICICLE, Sun Troops Capital — As the community progresses into a locked-down Summer, another defacement comes into the light.

On 6th June 2020, tremors arose throughout the Sun Troops as the news of its deface came out. The army has been in an unstable condition, with their activity decline, and potential security breaches around.

A user who goes by the name of “Squeakz” was given a moderator role in the army and was involved in the deface. Upon investigating it further, we found out that there were multiple users associated with this. Squeakz assigned high-ranking roles to users going by the name of “Sole”, “”, and “Person”.

Not after much time, the users stated above went on to banning and kicking troops. As no Higher Command being online during this time, about 110 members were proscribed, with only 20 left in the server. Below you can see the logs of Sun Troops:

Sun Troops Audits

CP Army Media got in touch with Sun Troops Commander, JoelFreak. Let’s hear it from the man himself!

Being aware of the recent army defacements, why was Squeakz promoted spontaneously?

Well they asked me for 4ic so I asked them what experience they had. I remembered him vaguely so I gave him the role cos he had enough experience but i dont give a hoot now I left ST for Marines.

Did you inform any of the other leaders about the promotion? If not, Why?

No, because it wasn’t even that serious, he didn’t have any perms or anything

Do you have anything else you would like to say to the CPAM community?

Yeah, like is giving someone 4ic really that big a deal? Lmao, it doesn’t even have perms.

Upon knowing about what happened, the leaders and the higher-commands, went on to unban everyone who was affected. Midnight, Sun Troops Commander, moved the army to a new server as all the channels and roles were wiped entirely.

The Sun Troops have been facing tremors since quite a while now. This incident will surely be a wake-up call to any army who hire people spontaneously. Will the Sun Troops be able to rise again? Or will they succumb to a closure?


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