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I, Superhero123, Main Developer and Administrator of CP Armies: The Game, on behalf of the whole CPA:TG team, want to formally invite each one of you to CPA:TG’s One Year Anniversary Party, which will run from June 8th all the way till June 15th!

Before getting into details, I recommend you read my previous post regarding my personal thoughts about this one year of fighting here.

To find out what we have planned, as well as the dates and times for some special community events that will occur during the party, click read more!

What will the party look like?

The concept of the party is to be a living monument to the armies that shaped this past year. Because of this, each of the armies that have operated on CPA:TG and messaged me after the public announcement I released on the 7th of May have received a special custom room! In addition, the five biggest armies that started using CPA:TG recently from CPAL also received a room, considering the important impact they had on the its expansion. No one has seen these rooms, and they will be a total surprise!

Alongside that, there will be four custom rooms that aren’t attributed to a specific army! Three (Town, Coffee, Plaza) will be used for other party purposes and the last one, the Stage, will be the home of CPAM’s upcoming Prom/After-Party (details later on)! Last but not least, there will be three special items only claimable during the party: the party hat, a special shirt and a pin! You wont be able to claim those items after or during the party with the !ai command, only by finding them on the island! 

The custom Anniversary style Plaza!

To sum up, here is what the party will include:

  • 18(!!) Custom Rooms (Good luck finding them all!)
  • Two Custom Party Exclusive Items
  • One Custom Party Exclusive Pin
  • A recap video

Also, expect frequent mascot visits, including the most rare one: Sensei!

What community events are planned?

June 10th: Mod Meetup!

Most of CPA:TG’s Moderation team will log in to chat with you and play games! In addition to CP mini-games, there will also be rounds of Mafia, Hide n’ Seek, and Guess the Army! Guess the Army will work like this: the moderator will wear one item from a particular army’s uniform, give hints, and people will have to guess it! Here are the details of this event:

Server: Ice Box

Room: Town

Time: 3PM EDT / 2PM CST / 1PM MST / 12PM PST / 8PM UK / 12:30 AM IST


June 11th: Exclusive Army Trivia Game!

CPA:TG has planned a game that’s the first of its kind on any CPPS.

How To Play: Five penguins will be around the island, with the usernames of some of the most historical army creators. They will be running around hiding. Once a penguin finds one of them, they will be asked a trivia question related to armies (Google is your friend of course). If they answer correctly, the “army creator” will add them to his/her friend list. I (Super) will also be around on an alt account named Superhero123, and ask you a question related to CPA:TG in order to add you. Once you have added all six (the 5 creators + Superhero123), you will be able to enter the winner room by sending !jr 861, where someone will be waiting for you to confirm your victory! The 1st place prize will be nameglow and namecolor forever and also an exclusive custom pin or background of whatever design you want (keep it PG please)! 2nd and 3rd place will also get nameglow and namecolor. The first 10 winners will also receive a special exclusive pin!

Server: Slushy

Room: Town (for gathering)

Time: 7:00 PM EDT, 6:00 PM CST, 5:00 PM MDT, 4:00 PM PST, 12:00 AM UK, 4:30 AM IST


June 15th: Battle Royale!

We’re still planning this event, as it will involve the whole community. Make sure to keep your schedules open on this day and expect more news soon!

Server: Klondike

Room: Town (for gathering)

Time: TBA


June 15th: CPAM After-Party/Prom!

Well, we can’t let the festivities end there! The CPATG Anniversary will include an after-party; a celebration where we’ll see who’s best dressed and who has the better moves on the dance floor. Awards will range from Best Couple to Most Funny Looking, make sure to prepare your dresses and you might want to ask someone to go with you! Further details will be released on CPAM’s discord closer to the date scheduled.

Server: Klondike

Room: Town (for gathering)

Time: 11:30 PM IST / 7 PM BST / 2 PM EST / 1 PM CST / 12 PM MST / 11 AM PST


These are the community events we have been planning for you. I really hope you will enjoy them as well as the rest of the party. Can’t wait!

See you on June 8th!


CPA:TG Main Developer & Administrator


CP Army Media Chief Executive Officer


CP Army Media Advisor

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