Dark Bandits Close Their Doors Permanently

DEEP FREEZE, Dark Bandits Empire – After a short but sweet generation, the Dark Bandits have announced that they will cease operations permanently.

After 5 years of inactivity, the Dark Bandits announced their return to the community on May 8th. They performed well at the beginning, and were viewed as a serious up-and-coming army. Their opening events saw sizes of 25 to more than 30. They also battled the Golden Guardians in their first week and were able to reach 16th on the Top Twenty after the great showing they had in their first week.


Dark Bandits’ Reopening Event

This did not last long, however, as the army slowly began falling in size. Their second week saw them achieving sizes of 10+ and peaking at 16. This fall in sizes caused them to also fall 2 ranks in the Top Twenty. The third week saw their activity take a major hit, as they held just one event, maxing 11. At this point it was clear that the army was slowing down as they had completely fallen out of the Top Twenty and were 5th on the S/M Top Ten. Tides turned for them in their last week of existence, and they managed to return to the Top Twenty alongside achieving sizes of 19 in their Legends Cup battle and emerging victorious.

Dark Bandits facing off against the One Direction Army in the Legends Cup

On the 7th of June, Carlos made an announcement that he will be shutting down DB. This came after DB lost two 2ics and a leader over the course of one day. Sarahah, Zambi, and Aisha all decided to depart DB for other armies, which could possibly be the reason Carlos decided to put the army to rest. In his announcement, however, Carlos just stated that it will be shutting down due to him being burnt out and generally unmotivated to keep the army alive.

‘This might come as unexpected, but it was bound to happen at some point. I’m putting the Dark Bandits to rest. I feel like the army has reached a semi acceptable point to where I can say we built a family. I’m genuinely just getting burnt out over trying to bring together a bigger army than we’re achieving to be. This will remain as a hangout chat for everyone to continue to go chat with their fellow friends. Thank you for everything you guys have provided.’

He followed this up by linking the Discords of both the Doritos and Army of CP as possible armies for troops to move to. Carlos also expressed his opinions about the generation, and he labeled it as ‘semi-acceptable’, showing some satisfaction in his revival efforts. He continued by stating that the Discord server will remain as a hangout chat for troops to connect with each other.

The Dark Bandits were a very promising army, but their flame burned out quick. They kicked off with great hype and achieved huge sizes, yet their quick rise was met by an equally quick fall – something we’re seeing more and more in our community today. What could the reasoning for this be? Is it poor leadership? Or is it due to a quick loss of interest?


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