[Satire] CPAM CEO Ayan Joins the Mangoes of CP

KLONDIKE, Pookie’s Janitorial Closet – The Mangoes of CP have added a powerful new member to their ranks, CPAM CEO Ayan.

Satire Warning: This post is a satire post not intended to be taken seriously by anyone. The Mangoes of CP are a respected army of our community and this post was made purely for comedic purposes.

The Mangoes of CP are a relatively new army, entering the community on May 26th led by leaders oli and smoke. They immediately turned heads by hosting their first event, which maxed 12. Combining this with their recently 20th place spot on the Top Twenty Armies, the Mangoes have certainly had much success in their short time in the community thus far. This success has attracted the interest of one very powerful figure in particular, Club Penguin Army Media CEO, Ayan.

The Mangoes of CP as seen at their first event, maxing 12.

Ayan, the founder of Help Force, has no doubt had experience leading armies to great heights before. Although he retired from Help Force in January of this year, Ayan is now looking to step back into the leadership ring and try his luck with the Mangoes. The news of Ayan’s decision came in the midst of Executive Producer Pookie437’s plan to seize the means of production from CPAM CEO’s Emcee and Ayan and give power back to the people. At approximately 12:42pm EST on June 7th, Ayan assigned himself the Mangoes role in CPAM and insisted that he was “a mango doe”. Since his appointment as leader on the afternoon of June 7th, Ayan has already led the Mangoes to their first max 93 event and has been instated as the Rebel Commango of the army.

CPAM CEO Ayan, pictured here joining the Mangoes of CP.

Rebel Commango Ayan leading his troops to a max of 93.

After his appointment as Rebel Commango of Mangoes, Penguin of the Week #13 of Club Penguin Online, and CPAM God Emperor Founder Helper, it seems there is not much left for Ayan to unleash the power of helping in. In an effort to find out what led to Ayan’s appointment as leader, I went to leaders oli and smoke for answers. Unfortunately, they kept asking me why my pants were off and I was escorted out of the Discord server. Although CPAM was unable to interview oli and smoke, we have obtained an exclusive interview with Ayan to ask him about his plans for the army going forward.

Good Morning Ayan! How did you manage to settle on joining the Mangoes?

im a fackin mango doe

Are there any major changes you plan on making to the army under your leadership?


How do you plan to unleash the power of helping after your recent event in which you maxed 93?

Anything else you’d like to add?

Don’t underestimate the power of a common mango. We’ll use our pulps and squish it all over your faces if you try to f*** with the holy helping Mangoes.

After interviewing Ayan, it’s apparent that his aspirations for the future of Mangoes are bright and he will no doubt unleash the power of helping on the entire army community. We at Club Penguin Army Media wish Ayan all the best in his journey because if we didn’t he wouldn’t feed us for the entire week.

What do YOU think about Ayan’s decision? Will Mangoes soar to new heights? Will Mangoes win this year’s Legend’s Cup despite not even competing? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


CP Army Media Executive Producer

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