Templars Declare War On People’s Imperial Confederation

ICE BOX, Templars Capital The Templars have recently begun a crusade in order to gain more land, ranging from both Club Penguin Rewritten and CPATG.

More recent updates come as the Templars have declared war on the People’s Imperial Confederation. The invasions that came along with the declaration of war are the most recent in Templars’ current crusade, which saw them obtain land from the west of the map, Ice Palace, to the east of the map, Outback. This was just the beginning for the army, as they now seek to continue their rampage south of Summit.

Templars’ declaration of war on the People’s Imperial Confederation.

Templars land as seen on June 10th. Also pictured is the land which they scheduled invasions on.

The Templars may be small in size, but they prove to have the power of major armies in terms of land. However, this may prove difficult for the opposing army of this war, the People’s Imperial Confederation. After their max of 26 at the Challengers Cup finals, PIC has seemingly fallen off as of late with their largest event this week only seeing seven troops attend.

In an attempt to hear PIC’s plans going into the war and their thoughts on the declaration, CPAM obtained an interview with one of PIC’s leaders, Phoebe.

How do you feel about this upcoming war?

I’m not pleased with their decision to declare war, but them invading our lands doesn’t really scare us.

How do you feel about the plunge of your soldiers activity, prior to the situation you’re currently in?

It somewhat disappoints me because I know we can do better than how we are now. But we are working on getting it back and better than ever.

Do you have any plans to make a comeback?

We’re working on a couple right now but I’d rather not share those to the public at the moment.

How do you feel that your allies turn their back on you?

At first I was kinda confused but then I thought about it.. and it’s Templars.. Like idk why I expected them not to lmao.

As the Templars’ invasions draw near, PIC’s plans seem to be unclear in regards to how they will proceed with the war. We here at CPAM will keep you updated with any news that comes regarding the war.

What do YOU think? Will the Templars cleanse the Confederation of all their land? Will PIC make a quick comeback with their numbers? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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