[BREAKING] Templars Chat Defaced

Note: This is a developing story. Stay tuned for more updates.

ICE BOX, Templars Empire — In a shocking turn of events, the Templars discord has been defaced. Read more to know about it.

At about 7:35 PM IST, news broke out regarding the deface of the Templars discord. Active members raised concerns in the CP Army Media chatroom regarding the discord invite link being invalid.

The Templars have adopted an aggressive foreign policy as of late, with invasions of the Os Mascarados, Crimson Guardians and People’s Imperial Confederation making headline news in recent weeks. Aside from that, they have been associated with two multi-logging scandals, one of which involved the botting of 7 penguins to inflate sizes (click here to read). But their latest drama, the defacement of their Discord server, could prove to be their most dramatic yet.

Quickly investigating into the matter, CP Army Media found out some shocking results. We contacted FreedomistGamer, a Templars leader, and managed to collect some information about the incident.

Templars Leader, Xing’s announcement to his High Command

FreedomistGamer informed us that the people mentioned in the screenshot above re-joined, and were given their old ranks back. Though, amid the chaos which surrounds the Templars currently, the full story remains unclear. Stay tuned for more information, at CP Army Media!


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