CPAM Special Report: The Never Ending Multi-logging Saga

Note: Section 3 (Multilogging in CP Armies – 2020) consists of views from the author’s perspective. It does not represent the views of CPAM as a whole.

KLONDIKE, Ayan’s Office — The CP Army community has witnessed several controversies, scandals, and other improprieties since time immemorial. After the closure of Disney’s Club Penguin, armies evolved in most of their day-to-day patterns. While sipping my coffee and going through all of these posts about defacing, multi-logging, and botting in 2020, I can’t help but wonder; has the army community progressed?

What is Multi-Logging?

Unless you’re in armies, you won’t know much about multi-logging. Newbies joining Club Penguin try to make alternate accounts to play against in Card Jitsu, expediting their progress through the belt system. Is that related to CP Armies? Not at all.

“Multi-logging” is a self-explanatory term that means logging into the game with multiple accounts. 

Why is it considered to be unethical in CP Armies? Armies rely on their recruiting standards and troop retainment to achieve huge sizes during events. Multi-logging, on the other hand, gives an unfair advantage to the armies doing it. Not only does it boost sizes, but it also creates a sense of mistrust within the community. The act has been criticized since the start of CP Armies, and still falls on the radar of illegitimacy.

Why Multi-log? Well, that’s an interesting question for those leaders who gave up on recruiting and decided to tread on this path or those big brains who decided to multi-log despite knowing that its easier for CPAM administration than making a sandwich to catch you. The leaders of some armies use these dirty tactics to showcase a false sense of dominance. In the following sections, I will go through scenarios involving these tricks, both in Disney’s Club Penguin, and the ongoing Private Server armies.

Multi-logging in CP Armies [2006-2017]

Club Penguin Armies began with the snowball fights and Color Wars in 2006. They managed to become popular quite quickly. Armies such as ACP, RPF, UMA, Romans, Nachos, and several others were established. It wasn’t until 2013 that the tremors surrounding this topic were felt throughout the community. Leaders of CP Armies used foul play to fixate their armies on the weekly Top Tens. Some of the acts prevalent during those times included: multi logging, botting, nulling chats, DDosing/Doxxing, and more.

In 2014, several armies were caught and exposed for using these kinds of tactics. The widespread scandals were:

  • The Case of the Army Republic
  • Ganger90 & SWAT
  • Sercan & Jerry’s Army of Club Penguin
  • Light Troops

As time went by, the community saw an influx of new multi-logging exposés. Armies such as the Doritos of Club Penguin, Ice WarriorsDark WarriorsTeutonsWater Vikings, and almost every other relevant army was caught in these acts. The so-called “trend” of multi-logging increased exponentially after 2015 when Club Penguin decided to remove the single tab system. The situation got worse to the extent that leaders openly gave out statements regarding the dirty tricks they were using. As the former RPF leader, Chip stated:

“Every good leader has tabbed.”

In 2015, CP Army Central CEO, Mach, published a special report which included all aspects of multi-logging during those times. Due to the decline of Disney’s CP after 2015, there was a rise in foul acts. Multiple armies’ activities were pulled into broad daylight and interviewed. Here is an introductory excerpt from the post, which hints at the amount of immoral practice prevalent in the past.

In a society, any for that matter, not just our community, not just during our time period, there is a desire for order, and this order is only achieved by one, unanimous pact: law. Club Penguin Armies, an escape from organized society and the seriousness of real life issues, has struggled in the past, as well as with modern times, in ever being able to set anything in stone, and abiding by it. If the Council were to outlaw cheating, the Council would be ignored; if CPAC were to deduct for cheating, CPAC would be boycotted. However, the topic of this post is the fact; a theory, if you dare plead innocent, that just about every army engages or has engaged in multilogging, and that there is so much ignorance in this community, that the issue may very well never be solved.

During these times, armies used a strategy which is known as “chat nulling” to keep themselves secure from multi-logging accusations. Chat nulling is when a user forms temporary accounts on the chatting platform they use to support their multi-logs in-game. As the practice continued, the community spiraled into dark times. Major armies weren’t the only ones affected by the dishonesty displayed by their leaders. The small-medium army community was influenced as well and modeled their habits after larger armies in order to make them grow themselves.

Multi-logging in CP Armies [2020]

The year 2020 started with a conflict between the three leagues present at the start. As the Club Penguin Online: Army League’s faction moved into a controversial Fjord Frenzy, the Club Penguin Armies League was busy with their Holiday Championship. The CPA league fell apart soon after, giving rise to Club Penguin Army Media. After the exposé of the Team Yellow Army, the cases of multi-logging settled down for a bit.

It wasn’t until the Challengers Cup Finale that another scandal came into light. In a series of revelations, armies such as the Peoples’ Imperial Confederation, Templars, Skaters, Os Mascarados, and the Pirates, were hit by special reports. In this section, I collected the scandals which were brought to the public this year.

Team Yellow Army:

TYA started off in the CPA league by maxing about 8-10 penguins in each event they had. Upon transitioning into Club Penguin Warfare, their sizes increased up to 25, which seemed like a large and sudden jump. CP Army Media compiled a list of evidence regarding the multi-logging happening in their army.

Team Yellow Army has been caught multilogging, just a day after they ceased and merged into the Romans.

The Team Yellow Army (TYA) has experienced a rapid and unprecedented growth recently, shooting to the top of the CP Army Media (CPAM) Top Ten last week and placing second behind the Rebel Penguin Federation. Alongside this they have faced an array of multilogging allegations that, until today, remained rumours.

In an interview with CPAM, Darklink originally denied the allegations. However, after conversations with Dino and Arthaeus, Roman legates, it became apparent that Darklink had already admitted to the offense in private conversations.

You can not suddenly go from maxing 8 to maxing 25 in a day without heavy recruiting. It’s not rocket science to assume that. After this article was released, suspicions arose regarding armies that operated in CPW. Was it just TYA? Were other armies using the same practice?

Peoples’ Imperial Confederation:

After an interesting tournament amongst small-medium armies, the Pizza Federation and Peoples Imperial Confederation were facing each other in the finals. The problem originated with bots brought to the match by Earthing. Upon losing the battle, PIC decided to contact CP Army Media and ask for a re-match due to the botting which took place. CPAM wrote an article on the full story, an excerpt which is below.

Just hours ago, the Pizza Federation beat the People’s Imperial Confederation in the Challengers Cup Finals. Following the battle, the People’s Imperial Confederation claimed that they were targeted by an unknown individual, potentially from the Pizza Federation, with troops that “were not in the army” and deliberately avoided tactics and formations to make them look unorganized and incompetent. They requested an investigation and rematch.

CP Army Media took these allegations seriously and enlisted the help of Superhero123 to try and discover if there was any truth behind them. As the creator and main developer of the game, Superhero has access to the IP addresses of the users. For those that do not know, an IP address is a numerical label assigned to each device connected to a computer network. Therefore, if two penguin accounts were to have the same IP address, it is almost certainly an indication of multi-logging activity.

Why would you contact us if you’ve multi-logged yourself? That gives you benefit of the doubt for sure, but it snatched your army’s credibility away from you. Upon investigating the issue, Superhero123 found out that along with the botting which took place, PIC’s leader Sidie9 tabbed two penguins.

Picture 3 suggests Confederation leader Sidie multi-logged two penguins at the event: P9301 and P9358, as they again had the same IP as her main penguin account. It is noteworthy that both of these P-numbered accounts were created several hours before the battle began.

While CP Army Media passionately believes in exposing the wrongdoings of those in this community, we also believe in a right of reply. Therefore, we approached Sidie and the Confederation leadership for their response. Sidie denies multi-logging and insists she has never done so before, while co-leaders Emma and Phoebe said they were completely unaware.

CP Army Media approached the leaders of Peoples Imperial Confederation. Sidie’s response to the revelation was based on a supposed security breach. Personally speaking, I’m not aware of any possible breach which can let you use someone else’s IP address. If anyone is aware of such a thing, feel free to comment below or let the administration know!


The Templars, who were caught in two multi-logging scandals, had their points deducted in both weeks they were caught doing so. As one of the most controversial armies of the current generation, the first scandal came into light not long after the Challengers Cup. Earthing, a Templar’s Advisor, was caught botting the army’s AUSIA event. CPAM Vice President, Max, published a post on it which contained descriptive details about the incident.

It has been just two days since CP Army Media uncovered the use of botting and multilogging in the People’s Imperial Confederation, and yet another army has already been caught doing the same thing. Former Confederation advisor and current Templars advisor, Earthing, announced yesterday his plans to sell the bot script used at the Challengers Cup Finals.

It would seem his first customer was Templars advisor and “panel of guardian” member Jay, who used the script at an AUSIA training earlier today, May 25th. The event was marked as the ‘reopening of AUSIA’ by leader Xing, who stated a maximum size of 23 and average of 20.

Along with this info, Max decided to contact Earthing and publish an in-depth overview of the incident. Another section was added in which Earthing confessed and advertised his schemes publicly.

After contacting Earthing with this information, it was discovered Jay obtained the script from him prior to the Templars AUSIA event. Jay proceeded to create between “8 and 10” ‘alt’ accounts to use for botting purposes. The picture below also shows a conversation between Earthing and Jay, discussing Jay’s botting capabilities.

Following CP Army Media’s investigations, Earthing announced Jay no longer has access to the bot script due to the “unprofessional way he handled it”. Earthing also leaked a paste-bin with the ‘alt’ accounts Jay used for the event – a total of 8. They all have the same password of “04012001”.

Soon after, Xing was caught multi-logging in their battle against the Army of Club Penguin. In a post that was made about the incident, the reason presented was: “It was my brother.”

CP Army Media approached game creator Superhero123 after suspicions from the judges were raised. He investigated four suspicious penguins – P10014, P10016, P10017, and P10022.

Joke. This community.


This unique major army of Club Penguin Online’s Army League, which had a total of six leaders, were caught in the most interesting multi-logging scandal. I would say “of all time,” but it would be an offence to the Pirates. CPO’s shutdown came as a nightmare to the armies operating there. We saw army sizes drop substantially, including Skaters’ sizes. Starting on CPATG with maxes of 20, they climbed up to averaging 40 in a week. Thanks to some of our concerned community members, suspicions arose when the army maxed 40 and did a total of five tactics per event. An investigation was carried out by CPAM higher staff and 2funky3 after these concerns were expressed.

The Skaters have held two events this past week. The first took place on May 29th, and they peaked at 40. The second was on May 30th, and a maximum size of 39 was recorded. Suspicions were raised when a CP Armies: The Game moderator came across one of these events. Creator and developer Superhero123 was alerted, and proceeded to check the IPs for the penguins attending their previous two events, which revealed a mass multilogging operation occurring within the leadership. It was discovered the leadership, consisting of Overload, Averil, Spin and RedYagmi, were multilogging approximately 20 penguins at their events.

Superhero123 provided the following statement as proof of his accurate and honest findings:
“After suspicions were raised to me by CPATG moderation team member, I looked into the database’s login logs to figure out if there were multiple accounts during that battle that logged in from the same IP address. The investigation returned the following findings: Accounts P10187 Spin P10188, Cora, Revolve, Aussie, Averil, P10189, Knob all shared the same IP address during the Skaters’ event. I was and still am the only one with access to the logged IP addresses that resulted on those findings. CPA:TG is not supportive of multilogging, and every accusation of such by any community member will be investigated and, if it’s true, will be brought to light.”

Providing a final blow for their sinking ship, Skaters Leader, Elisha, spoke out to us sharing her experiences regarding this crime. She provided us with screenshots that proved the accusations against her own army. In a surprising turn of events, their leaders defaced the army and vanished completely.

New evidence came to light following the special report when Skaters leader Elisha bravely contacted CP Army Media Vice President Max with information regarding the scandal. She disclosed that all six leaders were involved with the multilogging: herself, Overload, RedYagami, Zero, Averil and Spin. She also revealed Zero was the one to initiate the operation, despite CP Army Media not originally picking up on his involvement.

I would like to dedicate a special paragraph to the statements given by the Skaters leadership when we asked them about the incident. We witnessed the six leaders trying to justify their multi-logs as their colony friends, siblings, pet dogs, fishes, cats, and any living thing they could catch hold of. To add icing on the cake, two of them even claimed to be twins in real life. Yeah, you heard me right.

Oops, found the reason!

Laughing out loud, and so are you.

Os Mascarados:

A different story than the ones above, this one shows how the recent scandals led people to frame armies for multi-logging. Delhant and JoshephPeter, who were responsible for the defacing of Os Mascarados, decided to make alternate accounts similar to the name of OMA’s leader, Fire3004. Upon investigation, Superhero stated that the login IPs of the alleged accounts matched those of Delhant and Joseph, thus blowing their cover.


Pirates, arguably one of the most successful CPPS armies, were caught in a major multi-logging scandal recently. After an anonymous individual approached CPAM administration, we discovered that multiple Pirates High Command members were pulling out alts during tournament battles. CP Army Media’s upper staff dove into investigating the matter and released a special report.

Suspicions were first raised in the early hours of June 7th, and an investigation was launched in collaboration with CP Armies: The Game creator Superhero123. As the only man with IP login information, he was able to tell which penguins were being logged on to events with the same IP address. Multiple penguins with the same IP address means the login location is the same. The defence of many in the community recently has been: “My brother/sister/friends were at my house and logged on for the event alongside me.” Before we proceed, it is important to take note that while this is possible for one – or perhaps two – people,it is highly unlikely for 10 people to claim this story.

We cross-matched the recent Pirates events with the alt accounts that Superhero provided, and discovered multilogging was present at every event in the past several weeks, including their Legends Cup X Round One battle. To simplify the information, we have summed up the results of the investigation in the following bullet points:

  • Leader Twas had the same login location as the penguins ImniceFurry123 (P10270) and P5928, indicating multilogging.
  • Co-Captain Sacha had the same login IP as the penguins Shorts and Sand, indicating multilogging.
  • Co-Captain September had the same login IP as the penguins Zzzz4Qqq32 (P10406), Carriel and Dezzie, indicating multilogging.
  • Co-Captain Newnickie had the same login IP as penguin Sambohambo, indicating multilogging.
  • Veteran Rain’s account ‘Gamerrain‘ had the same login IP as Piratesilove (P10635) and Pirategirl (10634), indicating multilogging.
  • High moderator Caramelcoco logged on with the penguins Caramel and Coco, which shared the same login IP, indicating multilogging.
  • The penguins Anakin and Snebbi7 shared same login IP, indicating multilogging.
  • The penguins Snowmann and Frostty shared same login IP, indicating multilogging.
  • The penguins Rayleigh and Baka shared same login IP, indicating multilogging.

The results indicate that a total of 8 people multi-logged 13 penguins at this battle.

Not only did it have a negative impact on the army’s reputation, but they were disqualified from the Legends Cup tournament. One of the accused members of the Pirate army even came to CPAM administration and confessed. On the other hand, the other higher ups decided to frame CPATG for it, funnily enough!

Caramelcoco has spoken out, admitting she did multilog at the first Legends Cup X battle. She disclosed AC9123 was her sister, explaining the same IP addresses, and proof of this was provided.

What do your Leaders think?

As we come to the end of this mind-blowing article, there is one question still to be answered. What happens to those who get caught multi-logging? What do they do after the public exposé is published? CP Army Media spoke to several leaders to see what they think about this.

Common Question: What would you do if you were caught multi-logging?

Crazzy [Rebel Penguin Federation]: If we were caught in a multi-logging scandal, I’d be surprised because that’s completely out of character for this generation’s RPF. Both our mod and HCOM staff are heavily against it; we condone fair play. If someone were to be caught multi-logging we’d hold the individual(s) responsible, whether they are staff or not. Repercussions would include: being fired, banned, and a server-wide PSA addressing the concerns.

32op [Doritos]: Ask myself what I’m doing with my life.

Iceyfeet1234 [Ice Warriors]: Hmm, if I was caught I would probably make a statement coming clean, and give the reasoning as to why I was doing it.

CSY [Army of Club Penguin]: As an OG CPA vet, I came from a time where the entire TT was multi-logs and have previously been pressured to do so myself. However, I’ve never done so as I believe it’s essentially the prisoner’s dilemma – where the dilemma states that although the outcome is worse for both parties, people will choose to do it for self-benefit, even if both parties, not doing something, yields greater good. I want to hope the community believes in fairness for all and chooses to do the right thing – armies aren’t just about the sizes and the legacy, it’s also about the community you build and fun you have in the process that cannot be documented in any history books.

Noa [Dark Warriors]: Honestly, it’s not something I’ve really thought about as I’ve never considered to multi-log, but if I found out that someone in our army is I’d fire them instantly. We don’t tolerate any form of cheating in DW.

Tistle [Help Force]: If I were caught multi-logging it probably signifies that my army isn’t maxing well enough and therefore puts me in a position where I have to cheat to gain numbers. Clearly, something is not right if that’s the case. The honorable thing would be to step down from leadership and let someone else with experience take over and remedy the army. I personally think that multi-logging is just a disgrace to the other armies that put so much effort into recruiting and such, having to cheat at penguin wars is really quite lame.

LuciferStar [Elites]: Well that’s something I haven’t really put much thought into tbh, I’m pretty new to the community as compared to the veterans around, but it does seem like multi-logging is a thing of the past and it’s shameful and if I were caught in such shameful acts, I’d definitely take that as my cue to retire.

Buddy [Water Vikings]: Well, I was caught multi-logging in 2016 lmao… however, if I was caught now I’d ask for the proof myself because I do not multi-log anymore, nor will I ever multi-log again. It’s such a waste of time and really really sad.

Teaska [Royals]: If I was caught multi-logging I would apologize to the community about my actions and come clean, since there was proof the best thing to do is just admit my mistake.


What’s important is that you learn from what you see, and do not repeat the same mistakes. Multi-logging is a virus to the army community, and we have to fight it together. If someone tells you to do it, speak out. Fight for justice, and you won’t need to seek glory.

“It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.”
~ Aristotle

Take it as you may.


CP Army Media Chief Executive Officer

Special Credits: Emcee, Moon, Eden, Max

Credits: Ayan’s Personal Bully Team

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  1. Fantastic post, interesting to see all these scandals summed up in one post like this. The question is no longer “will it happen again”, but “who will be next?”

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  3. I remember these good times at the beginning of CPPS era in 2017, when you couldn’t multilog, because official game ended and there was no tools for multilogging on Private Servers .

    • There are always ways for multilogging. Using multiple browsers is one way, using proxies is another (especially easy if you use firefox which supports different proxies with different profiles). Then there’s bot scripts which can automate this entire thing using chromium embedded framework.

  4. And 2 days later, Buddy was caught multilogging

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