J&K’s Troop Interviews: 2funky3

Welcome to J&K’s Army Troop Interviews! Here, Jason & Kavacado, Reporters of the Club Penguin Armies Media, are taking interesting interviews from penguins from all around Club Penguin Armies. From the lowest recruits to the highest-ranked leaders, everyone can express and describe their opinion and point of view about this wonderful community.

Today we will be interviewing 2funky3, a Field Marshal in the Army of Club Penguin!

Jason: Hello Mr. 2funky3, how are you today?

2funky3: Today, I am good. I am off work and I am going to meet some friends. Thanks for asking!

Jason: Oh that’s really cool. Are they CP friends or irl friends?

2funky3: They’re my IRL friends, I have never met anyone from the CPA community in real life.

Jason: Oh have a great time together

2funky3: Thanks!

Jason: Anyway, back to the interview, you are a Field Marshal, or 2ic, in ACP right?

2funky3: Yes, I am a Field Marshal/2ic of the ACP. I rejoined armies/joined ACP in December of 2019, after a 4 year long hiatus. I have been 2ic for a few months.

Jason: Oh that’s cool, I was about to ask you about that lol

2funky3: Ahahah sorry I jumped the gun huh

Jason: Nah it’s ok lol. How did you join ACP and the Armies 4 years ago?

2funky3: Well I was never in ACP during my OG period. I joined the Brigades of CP, a long since dead army, in late 2009 when CPA legend Eyes521 recruited me whilst they had an event. I eventually ranked up and was Owner/HCOM rank there, before moving on to countless armies. Eventually I was in the big leagues, being HCOM/Owner in some big armies in CPAC era, such as WV, Pirates and Pretzels.

Jason: Oh man that’s a really interesting past you had. Why did you rejoin the Armies?

2funky3: I logged onto CPO with no intention of rejoining armies, purely for nostalgia, but I saw a Doritos troop advertising. So I decided why the hell not? I joined their discord server and started talking to the leaders about a rank or what not, but I didn’t really know much of them. However, on the legends tab, I saw CSY, a guy I used to work with in the Water Vikings and I started messaging him. He got me a position in ACP and I’ve never looked back. Here we are, one of the most powerful armies in the community.

Jason: That’s a really exciting rejoin lol

2funky3: Yeah I suppose it is ahaha

Jason: Anyways, now that you are in ACP, what do you think about this army?

2funky3: I really like the community we have built here. Some other armies may max high, but once the events are over they all just disperse and don’t speak to eachother. At ACP, I have made genuine friendships and I get to witness an awesome community develop. We have grown from nothing to over 3000 members in mere months. It excites me and I love the future we are building.

Jason: Yeah I will agree, ACP is a great army. Now, what is your opinion about CPA? Do you think it needs any changes?

2funky3: I think CPA is actually in a good state right now, although there still are some flaws. One huge flaw of course is the possible impending closure of all CPPS’es, which is massive and solutions do need to be thought of quickly. Another flaw I see is the existence of the other league. I don’t really understand why it exists now due to everyone playing on a centralized game. I do however think there are lots of good things about armies right now in comparison to the mid teens. If we can overcome these two flaws I’d say CPA would be in as good as a position as ever

Jason: Yeah I agree with you, these flaws are really crucial. Moving on, where do you see ACP in a year or so?

2funky3: Well technically it all depends on other circumstances, but as long as there is a form of Club Penguin, ACP will be there. If all other CPPS’ are eradicated, then I can see us being a hangout for gaming and just general fun. They can take away the Club Penguin but they can’t take away the army. Let us hope they don’t and that we are still thriving a year from now.

Jason: Hmm, that’s a really interesting approach for this question. Anyway, what do you usually do outside of ACP (IRL and in CP)?

2funky3: Club Penguin, I do not really play aside from logging on for army related matters. (ACP, Judging, Moderating etc). IRL, I usually hangout with my friends when I can, hangout with my gf when I can or play video games. I play Fifa 20 a lot. Any other time is spent playing Gaelic Football, an Irish National sport, or working as a manager in my local McDonalds. Oh and a bit of Netflix never hurts either.

Jason: Oh so you’re really busy IRL. That’s cool.

2funky3: The Lockdown Period gave me some extra free time which I mostly devoted to ACP though, which I am glad I did.

Jason: Why are you glad you did that? Was it worth it?

2funky3: Well we have seen growth in sizes and I feel right now we are in a really healthy position. We have a great team assembled and I am glad I can put work in knowing others are there to support me.

Jason: Oh that’s really cool. Do you have any ridiculous goals in life?

2funky3: Hmm, not so much to be honest. I have a lot of my goals in my head that are somewhat achievable. I am quite laid back and don’t really care for aiming big or traveling around the world. Id say something “ridiculous” would be that if I were to die I would want to die like a legend and idk do some crazy things before my death.

Jason: Lol yeah that’s a ridiculous goal. Good luck with all your goals.

2funky3: Thanks!

Jason: Anyways, in ACP, do you feel like a leader or like a follower?

2funky3: Hmm, as a 2ic I usually lead events, either via VC or actually leading the events. I don’t see myself as an amazing leader or whatever but I do feel I have a duty to set a precedent to the future leaders and HCOM of ACP, as we have some amazing troops coming through our ranks.

Jason: So you feel like a responsible-for-the-Army’s-future individual?

2funky3: Yes of course, I wouldn’t leave ACP in a vulnerable position. Whenever my time us up, I hope we are even stronger than we are now with a lot of strong and smart individuals that will take my place.

Jason: Yeah, I see. Favourite colour?

2funky3: Emerald/Green (ACP only added to this but it always has been green)

Jason: Lol ok. Do you have anything else to add before we end this interview?

2funky3: Thanks for having me, ACP 4 LC

Jason: Lol. Thanks for being here and thanks for your time.

In conclusion, I believe 2funky3 is a really cool and interesting person. To begin with, he is clearly very dedicated to ACP and the army is his top priority in his free time. In addition, he has established a balance between his real life and his epic ACP career, something really admirable given the fact that most people are unable to keep this balance for long, including myself. In general, 2funky3 seems like a down-to-earth person, devoted to the army and its growth.

Be sure to keep an eye out for next weeks interview! Who knows? Maybe you could be our next interviewee! Be sure to direct message either katerina#9039 or Jason6331#3481 on Discord if you would like to be interviewed!


CP Army Media Reporter 


CP Army Media Reporter 

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