The Uncertain Future of CPR Recruiting

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media Headquarters – As armies are pushed to new methods of recruiting due to the endangerment of existing CPPS, Club Penguin Rewritten, a popular CPPS for many CPAM Armies, announces its plans to crack down on in-game recruiting.

Recently, many armies are noticing a change in the CPR in-game filter, which is usually used to block inappropriate words and phrases. The filter is now starting to target recruitment phrases and methods of moving users to “third-party sites” as they put it.

Furthermore, Club Penguin Rewritten plans to implement a new “Super Safe Chat“, which will target newly made accounts, as well as accounts with banned IPs connected to them, elaborated on in this tweet:

“We’re planning on using [Super Safe Chat] for new players, people who’ve been banned recently, and people our systems detect as high-risk of rule breaking such as multiple banned accounts, etc. This will still allow conversations going through, and not making it restricted.

We have also noticed from this update many believing their regular conversations are not passing through the filter, we can assure you that THEY ARE in fact going through. We have not blocked any normal words used for regular day-to-day conversations.

This is simply us improving those bad words on how they are bypassed. This is used on constant rule breakers, new accounts that are fresh (will be removed after X amount of days). This does NOT remove ways of using regular words for conversation, only bad words.

I should also point out that right now, it is on for everyone on the island. We will be changing this shortly to then push it for only newcomers and banned accounts.

I will come back to this thread once it has been lifted from ALL players.”

As of right now, the filter prohibits any and all alterations of “google” and “discord”, which may pose a challenge for army recruiters in-game. With the CPR Admins planning to fight in court against Disney’s DMCA filed recently, the idea of Super Safe Chat being globally implemented is a threatening one to the continued existence of the army community on CPR.

Should armies start moving away from CPR? Will more and more troops turn to Discord recruiting? What will be the fate of Club Penguin Rewritten as a result of this harsh measure?

What do YOU think? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


CP Army Media Associate Producer

4 Responses

  1. Let them do what they want,people logs on see no one chatting and no body sees them chatting for now,but then no body can see unbanned people and people who are highly breaking rules,and no body can see new comers so only old people can now chat LOL

  2. But yes we will use discord to recruit

  3. I hope cpr wins the case even if they don’t let recruit

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