Army Of The Week: Ice Warriors

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media Headquarters – This week’s Army Of The Week has arrived! The title is reserved for armies that scale the Top Ten or armies starting off with a bang, and the title is not to be taken lightly. For this week’s Army, we have selected Ice Warriors.

Ice Warriors roots go deep into Club Penguin Armies history. They stand as one of the first armies and as the first army to have a rather popular suffix of Warrior. In June 2007, the legendary Iceyfeet1234 created the Ice Warriors. The army started off as most do, their beginnings humble. This changed on December 25th, 2007, when the Dark Warriors merged into Ice Warriors. The once small army quickly became a large one. 

With this growth, Icey had become inactive. In January 2008, several high ranking Ice Warrior officials (which include people such as Sriv007 and Lorenzo Bean) attempted to overtake the inactive leader. The website was taken over, and Rebel IW was created. Icey managed to snuff out the rebellion rather quickly, and Ice Warriors receded back into an unremarkable army by the end of January. 

One of the first large acts that helped bringed Ice Warriors out was Legends Cup 2010. The Ice Warriors fought hard in the tournament, and it paid off. They managed to make it to the Finals. While they didn’t win against the Nachos, the battle was close and well fought. The first Legend’s Cup final will always be historic.

Legends Cup I; Ice Warriors in Snow Forts during the Legends Cup

Ice Warriors continued to hit massive sizes and score high in the Top Ten peacefully for the next few years. At least, it did until early 2012. In the first few months of the year, Icey retired and the Ice Warriors had started standing on shaky legs. What once maxed 80 was now only seeing heights of 30. When leader Albert417 took over, he focused Ice Warrior’s attention on rebuilding Ice Warriors to their previous glory. The rebuilding process took far longer than they had thought going into it.

In March 2013, the March Madness tournament began. Ice Warriors excelled in the tournament as they had the first Legends Cup. The tournament had the same outcome however. Ice Warriors once again lost to Nachos in the finals. 

Ice Warriors vs Nachos in the March Madness Finals

Soon after the tournament, Iceyfeet1234 returned to Ice Warriors leadership. After only going through a single leadership change in their 6 years, it was time for a revision. Albert1234 retired in September 2013 and BearBoy10 took his place. BoyBoy was only the 3rd Ice Warriors leader. However, BearBoy10 would only lead for 5 months before his retirement. After his leave, Tes7 and Surferboysc took his place.

On January 29th 2014, Icey scheduled a whopping 28 defenses in a single day. This was due to RPF leader Elmikey invading 28 of Ice Warrior’s servers. Ice Warriors managed to max 30-45 troops. After this, Icey went back into retirement.

This time, the retirement lasted even less than before. By April Ice Warriors had made a stunning fall from grace. They hit an all-time low of being the 15th best army. Albert417 and Iceyfeet1234 came back from retirement to scavenge what was left of the army. To help with the recovery, KingFunks4 was promoted to help with the army alongside Tes7.

Months later, leadership changes caused another great falling in the armies status. To help with this, Icey recruited the Drew Crew. The army hit another spike in activity under this leadership. With this spike however, KingFunks4 chose to leave Ice Warriors to join with Water Vikings.

This led to a war between Ice Warriors and Water Vikings. The war was long and slow, but eventually it ended with a treaty between the two armies.

A battle between Ice Warriors and Water Vikings during the war

After the war, the Drew Crew retired. KingFunks4 made a return from Water Vikings to lead Ice Warriors once more. This wouldn’t last long, as the Drew Crew returned and forced KingFunks from leadership. Yet another war broke out between the two armies and the war ended with the closure of both armies in late 2016.

When Club Penguin announced its closure, Ice Warriors was among one of the many armies to come back to have a last stand before the fall. 

Ice Warriors returned to Club Penguin Online and was successful in their return. They were one of the best in the league and managed to consistently hit high in the Top Ten. With the move over to CPR, Ice Warriors has continued to maintain their high profile. Recently however, they have managed to not only move up 2 spots on the leaderboard (a tremendous feat amongst the higher ups on the TT), IW managed to earn 18 more points than they had the previous week. 

Let’s hear from Regan to hear not only how Ice Warriors managed to hop on the leaderboard, but what he plans for Ice Warriors to grow into.

Regan, how do you think Ice Warriors managed to jump two positions this week?

Well a huge shout out has to go to our amazing staff who were working non stop at recruiting and making our new recruits comfortable with our server and even in CPATG, We’ve all been working hard to make the Ice Warriors the best we can and no doubt we’re done improving either.

There’s no better feeling than hard work paying off! What’s your plan moving forward into the Tournament?

Continue what we’re doing, Recruiting hard, working on our battle plan and most importantly making sure all our troops are trained so that they can enjoy what should be a fun few battles ahead.

It’s always important to recognize that fun is apart of battling. Mind sharing what Ice Warriors hope to achieve after the Cup?

Well we plan to maintain a fun environment for our troops including fun events and games played on our chat!

We’ve come to the end of this week’s Army of The Week. The Ice Warriors are an army that has stood the test of time. Now that we’ve heard from Regan about their plans, let’s hope that Ice Warriors are able to follow through with them.

Will Ice Warriors continue to reach high levels on the TT? Will they manage to avenge themselves and win the Legends Cup? Let us know what YOU think in the comments below!


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