Practice Battle Review: Ice Warriors vs. Dark Warriors

MAMMOTH, Battle Room — Today the Ice Warriors and Dark Warriors logged onto CPATG for a friendly but intense practice battle. Both sides performed well with great tactics and formations, but let’s take a closer look at what happened.


The armies started their battle in the Dojo, with high energy emitting from both sides. While maintaining tactics, both were able to demonstrate great movement and formations. With DW’s word tactics targeting one of the the IW leaders, IW was able to create good comebacks to protect their leader. Even though it was a successful performance from DW, IW was able to take this room by storm. Their max was significantly higher and their formations helped them stand out.


After an energetic performance in the first room, the armies hurried over to the Stadium to begin the next part of the battle. Immediately off the bat, IW comes in with prominent tactics against the DW. IW took advantage of DW slowing down by mocking their formation. IW was able to quickly take over this room, resulting in this room being once again won by IW.


After a subpar showing from DW in room 2, both armies moved over to the Iceberg for their final room. IW and DW started off strong with great forms, but DW managed to perform some brilliant tactics against IW. As the battle neared an end, IW was able to pull through with more organized formations and tactics, causing another win from IW.

At the practice battle, IW was able to achieve 70 troops while DW managed to hit 45. Overall, both armies had put up a good fight while training for the next round of the Legends Cup! But with the larger size and quality of tactics, Ice Warriors were the winners with a score of 3-0.


Both armies performed well but as they’re expected to battle in the quarterfinals of the Legend’s Cup, which army will come out on top? What do YOU think? Let us know in the comment section below!


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