Red Ravagers Open: The Dark Bandits Reincarnated?

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Red Ravagers Empire – Following the sudden closure of the Dark Bandits last week, a new army has opened with many of the same staff.

The Red Ravagers opened their doors on June 7th, shortly after the shut down of the Dark Bandits. They were created by former Bandits staff, Maxine and Honda, with the remainder of their army mainly made up of former Dark Bandit troops.

Despite how it would appear, the idea to create the Red Ravagers took place before Dark Bandits shutdown. Leader Maxine assisted with the setup and orchestration of the new group. In a private conversation, Maxine shared her thoughts on the finalisation of the army before the opening:

It can be assumed that Maxine was not ready to open the group but had to rush things due to the closure of the Bandits. Only two days after the opening of the army, a former Rebel Penguin Federation moderator, Chaos, also joined the Ravagers team, taking the second-in-command position. Chaos was in the RPF for a little under 18 months before he decided to retire in the May of this year. Will his army experience help the Ravagers establish themselves as a dominant small-medium army force? 

A few days after the Red Ravagers creation was announced, the army held its opening event, and saw an impressive peak of 12 troops. This allowed them to register as an official CP Army Media army.

The CP Army Media team were able to speak exclusively to Maxine to learn more about her army’s recent opening event and what the leadership hopes to achieve.

How does it feel to start running your own army?

It feels amazing. I love all my troops and my staff and they are doing one hell of a job. I don’t think I could have done it all without Honda and all the troops who joined us when DB died. I love feeling respected and heard as both a leader and another member of the army community. It’s crazy fun getting to use inside jokes as tactics during events and it’s just fun in general just talking to everyone in the discord.

How did you and Honda come up with the idea to create RR?

I approached Honda in the middle of my Dark Bandits career and asked if he’d be interested in commanding an army with me. I’d wanted to make my own army since the beginning of my armies career, maybe about a month into being a troop in RPF. My voice as a member of DB HCOM wasn’t being heard and Honda and I wanted to make an army where every single person has a say in the creation of the army and there were no biases. We really wanted a place where ‘communication and organization > everything’ is our main ideal.

What are your goals for the Red Ravagers?

I want to be able to say “Oh yeah, we maxed 75 at our last event, no big deal”. Once we start hitting bigger numbers, I really want to lead this army through tournaments. And actually win them.

 After learning more about the Red Ravagers, they may be an army to look out for. With a strong staff team and great intentions for the group, there is a good possibility of success.

What do YOU think about the new army? Will they be a successful group or will they have a short run? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


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