Administration Statement: The Next Chapter

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media Headquarters – When Club Penguin Army Media was formed in February of 2020, no one could have imagined the heights we would reach. In the past four months, we grew so much, thanks to the support of you, the community. This is not the end.

Thanks to the community, we were able to grow our Discord server to almost 2,000 members. Thanks to the community, we finally all united under one CPPS, CPATG. Thanks to the community, we stood united and hosted Legends Cup X, a tournament ran by both CPAM and CPAL. With the recent announcement of CPATG’s closure, this post was written to let you, the reader, know where the administration team plans to take CPAM from here. This is not the end of our story, but merely the next chapter.


Table of Contents

I. “The Fate of CPA:TG”

II. Legends Cup X

III. Final Days Procedures

IV. The Future of CPAM

Section 1: The Fate of CPA:TG

Club Penguin Armies: The Game was released on June 15th, 2019 by Superhero123. The game was used as the primary CPPS of the Club Penguin Armies league and quickly garnered attention from the entire army community. Two major army tournaments were held on CPA:TG, the Summer Circuit and the Holiday Championship. The Rebel Penguin Federation and Army of Club Penguin won each tournament respectively, and their colors appear on the CPA:TG one year celebration items in honor of their achievements. Now that we have given some background on how much this game meant to the entire community, we jump to the current day.

On the night of June 11th, 2020, Super received an email from Disney demanding that CPA:TG be taken down and all its data be destroyed. Originally, the administration and CPA:TG teams figured this could be a fake email, as letters of this magnitude have been faked before. The team decided that it was in our best interest to correspond with Disney and see if the email was real. On June 12th, 2020, Super was sent another email by Disney that was confirmed real. Because of this, it is with a heavy heart that Super has decided to close CPA:TG. To not only make it to one year of CPA:TG, but also unite the entire community under one game was an amazing experience. CPA:TG was more than just a game to the community, it was a beacon of hope that a community divided since the closure of Club Penguin could all come and compete under one roof.

This dream was realized on May 15th, 2020, when the community voted two hundred and ninety seven to seventeen to use CPA:TG for future events and battles. This vote led to an amazing month of battles, wars, and tournaments which would have never been possible without CPA:TG. Super, the entire CPA:TG team, and the entire administration team would like to thank everyone for choosing to play CPA:TG. We could have never done it without the support of the community.

May 15th, 2020, 3:29pm. This was the moment that the community became one again.

Section 2: Legends Cup X

This year’s Legends Cup is one of the biggest army tournaments held in years. With the combined efforts of CPAM and CPAL, this tournament has seen match-ups that would have never been possible in years past due to operating on different private servers. Since CPA:TG was such a vital part of making Legends Cup battles happen, the Legends Cup Committee (comprised of CPAM and CPAL members) has contacted leaders of the remaining eight armies on how to proceed with the tournament. The Legends Cup Committee is still discussing ideas with army leaders and at this time, they have not yet reached a firm conclusion. One thing that we can confirm is that CPA:TG will remain open for the Legends Cup battles taking place on June 13th, and we will survey options in regards to where the June 14th battles will take place.

CPAM would like to thank all armies who have taken part in the tournament so far, as well as the eight remaining armies for their continued co-operation during these unforeseen circumstances.

Section 3: Final Days Procedures

As CPA:TG now enters its final days of operation, the events listed in the CP Armies: The Game, Birthday Party Invitation post are still slated to continue. If CPA:TG continues operation until June 15th, the CPAM After-Party/Prom will be the last event held on the game before its shutdown. The event that would be held before this, the Battle Server, has been labeled “To Be Announced” for quite a while now, but a format has finally been decided for this momentous community celebration. All armies are invited onto one server, Klondike, in order to participate in what we hope is the largest battle in CPA:TG’s history.

The Free-For-All Battle

The battle will feel like any other ordinary battle, except four rooms will be announced at :00, :10, and :20 instead of one. Armies can choose any of these rooms to then move to and battle in. While there may be no winner at the end of this event (besides CPAM Army of course), we aim for this to be a fun experience while also breaking the CPA:TG record of 250 users online at once that was set during the Battle of Tuxedo.

Date: Monday, June 15th

Location: Klondike

Time: 1:30 AM IST / 9 PM BST / 4 PM EST / 3 PM CST / 2 PM MST / 1 PM PST

The Last Dance

The CPATG Anniversary will include a big party; a celebration where we’ll see who’s best dressed and who has the better moves on the dance floor. Awards will range from Best Couple to Most Funny Looking. Make sure to prepare your formal wear and you might want to ask someone to go with you! We anticipate a lot of visits from mascots as well! Come to what may or may not be CPATG’s last dance!

Date: Monday, June 15th

Location: Klondike, Town (for gathering)

Time: 11:30 PM IST / 7 PM BST / 2 PM EST / 1 PM CST / 12 PM MST / 11 AM PST

Section 4: The Future of CPAM

Although CPA:TG is coming to an end, CPAM will continue to live on. Our plan is to keep CPA:TG land on the map and use proxy servers to fight for the land, at least until a more permanent solution arises. There are several options but nothing is for sure and as always, we will be sure to involve army leaders in this giant decision. In regards to operations on different private servers, leaders will vote in the coming days to decide which private servers they would like to use and see added on the map.

Once again, we at the administration of Club Penguin Army Media would like to thank the community for your continued support. From sending a message in our Discord server to reading our posts, any ways you choose to support us truly means the world to our team. To grow from our first tournament, which had six armies, to partnering with CPAL to host a thirty two army tournament has been an amazing ride. Wherever CPAM may go next, the staff team will never forget all the support you have given us.

Ayan, Emcee, Pookie, 32op, Max, Koloway

CP Army Media Administration Team

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  1. Well written. Tough times right now. We will get through it though

  2. </3 I remember my first time logging onto CPATG. It was RFCP v.s WH in the Summer Circuit tournament. Lots of great memories made on there. I’ll miss it.

  3. We united the community, and we can again. new cpps are coming out every month, and we can find one armies can use together so we stay united.

  4. see you

  5. Salute in polish way – two fingers instead of four.
    Till the next time.

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