Practice Battle Review: Water Vikings vs. Crimson Guardians

Update @ 14th June, 7:58 AM IST – Due to former Water Viking’s leader, Buddy, caught multi-logging, the Crimson Guardians have won this battle. (Click here to read the coverage)

FROSTBITE, Battle Room – Today the Water Vikings and Crimson Guardians logged onto CPA:TG for an amazing practice battle. Both sides performed really well with great tactics and formations, but let’s take a closer look at what occurred during this practice battle.


The armies started their battle in the Iceberg, where the Crimson Guardians kicked off with a Hello Bomb while the Water Vikings did an ET Bomb. The CG then moved into a horizontal line while the WV maintained a diagonal formation. Both sides were able to demonstrate great tactics and formations but the WV was able to take this room by storm since their max was significantly higher than CG.


After an amazing performance in the iceberg, the armies went to the Dojo to begin round 2. Immediately both sides performed a J Bomb and afterwards, the WV assembled into an X Formation. CG settled for a horizontal line formation for the majority of this room. After both armies got into their respective formations they began performing an array of tactics before WV decided to change their formation. WV quickly switched into an upside-down T while CG performed a rake. WV emerged victorious yet again in this room due to their immaculate formations and perfect tactics alongside their clear size advantage.

[Snow Forts]

The Snow Forts was decided to be the last room for this battle, CG came in with a “HOT HOT HOT” word tactic while WV performed an emote bomb. The Water Vikings formed a half-circle in this room while CG settled yet again for a horizontal line. Both armies performed a wide range of emote and word tactics but CG was yet again drowned out by WV’s far superior size and training which awarded them the win in the final room.


This was a gripping battle due to the strong alliance between CG and WV, it must be noted that CG allowed WV to take their place in the Legends Cup X quarter-finals. CG were the clear underdogs however they didn’t go down without a fight and gave this battle their all. However, WV ultimately emerged as the winner of this fascinating battle maxing a size of 22 while CG maintained a max of 7.

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